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Exceptional employee onboarding made exceptionally easy


Completed onboarding


Completed onboarding

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Ramp up new hires. Amp up your business.

Onboarding doesn’t just determine how successful your employees will be in the short term. It also impacts how successful your business will be in the long term. That’s why you need to get onboarding right, from day one.

Automated enrollment

Automate workflows within your LMS and between your LMS and other platforms (HRIS & HCM, etc.) to reduce the time and costs associated with manual program administration, like enrollments.

Onboarding content

Pull from our ever-growing library or create your own content using AI-based creation tools to deliver consistent, quality onboarding material that meets the diverse needs of your workforce.

Hyper-personalized learning

Leverage AI-powered content recommendations, adaptive learning paths, virtual coaching, and automated upskilling to create tailored experiences for better engagement and faster onboarding.

Insights and intelligence

Centralize quantifiable feedback from new hires and data from your LMS in your existing BI and data ecosystem to analyze the impact of onboarding on key business outcomes.

Pensato per il settore della formazione

Non ci limitiamo a offrire esperienze eccezionali di formazione dei clienti. Forniamo anche un valore eccezionale. Scopri come Docebo può contribuire ai guadagni della tua azienda.


Create happier, more engaged, loyal,
and productive employees—faster

Hook new hires from day one (and ramp them up faster), drive program adoption and completion,
standardize and centralize content, and reduce costs with Docebo’s purpose-built employee onboarding platform.

Engage new hires from day 1

Drive program and content adoption

Accelerate time to performance

Reduce administration and costs

Engage new hires from day 1

New employees who feel supported turn into loyal, long-term employees. Increase new hire retention, referrals, and engagement scores with compelling and exciting onboarding programs that make them want to stick around for the long haul.

Hyper-personalized experiences

Set employees up for success with AI-powered content and training recommendations that send them down the learning path that’s right for them based on their role, experience, and individual needs. 

Interactive and rewarding

Onboarding shouldn’t be overwhelming. With gamification, you can use badges, leaderboards, contests, points, and recognition to make the challenge of learning about a new company and role fun and rewarding.

Collaborative and social

Make onboarding social (not siloed) by giving new hires a centralized place to collaborate with peers, ask questions and get answers, and find helpful user-generated content as they navigate their onboarding journey.

Drive program and content adoption

Onboarding programs only work if people complete them. Increase program adoption and completion rates, content consumption, and overall engagement with onboarding during those critical early days with a solution that delivers the right content, in the right format, at the right time.

Accurate enrollments

Connect your LMS and HRIS to automatically enroll new teammates into the right programs and courses, so they can engage with the right content, right off the bat.

Flexible blended learning

Support a variety of learning preferences with a blend of activities that meets each new hire’s accessibility needs to make seamless in-person and virtual onboarding experiences possible.

Collaborative and social

Choose from a library of industry-leading, off-the-shelf material or create and translate your own assets with AI-based content

Accelerate time to performance

The sooner employees can get down to business, the better. Monitor and measure progress to ensure everyone’s developing on (or ahead of) schedule and connect them with the information, resources, and people they need so they can focus on learning, not looking for answers.

Coach and mentor

Foster a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing by connecting new hires with subject matter experts so they can learn from their more seasoned peers.

Knowledge checks

Use check-ins, like quizzes, to confirm that employees understand what’s been covered, they’ve retained the knowledge, and they can successfully apply what they’ve learned when the time comes.

Track and measure

Keep track of new hire progress, performance, and satisfaction, gather feedback, and measure how programs are impacting individual new hires as well as the business.

Reduce administration and costs

Reduce the admin (not the impact). Take advantage of integrations, AI, and automation to create consistent, seamless user experiences, simplify learner and program management, and reduce administrative overhead and maintenance costs associated with onboarding. 

Put your programs on autopilot

Automate tedious program administration and free up your administrators, so they can focus on improving your programs (instead of implementing them).

Streamline processes and save

Integrate your LMS and HR systems to streamline new hire enrollment into relevant training for seamless learning paths and a smoother onboarding experience.

Scale with a single platform

Manage multiple roles, audiences, and training programs with a single system that can keep pace with growth and scale onboarding at the rate new hires join the company.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Employee onboarding results you can get on board with

Dawn Larche

Manager of Learning and Development,

Our new employees have been overwhelmingly positive about the new onboarding process. We’ve had employees tell us that this is the best training they’ve received in their 30-year careers and that this is the most engaging and informative orientation they’ve ever seen”

Mia Kernaghan

Global Digital Education Specialist,
Kiehl’s Since 1851

With the partnership of Docebo, we are able to bring our expert-level education and superior brand standards to our teams around the world, making the experience more engaging and accessible than ever before.”


WOW! Mobile Boutique

Docebo offers a very comprehensive and simplistic platform that users feel compelled and excited to come back to.”

Bethany Care Society

Bethany reduces orientation time and costs

View the case study

Kiehl’s Since 1851

How Kiehl’s got 100% of staff to finish onboarding training

View the case study

WOW! Mobile Boutique

WOW! tackles employee turnover and increase engagement

View the case study

Onboarding is just the beginning

Your employees should always be learning and growing. Not just during onboarding. We have solutions to support all stages of the employee learning journey—from onboarding to compliance training to upskilling and talent development and sales enablement. So you can help your employees and your business grow.

Employee onboarding FAQs

Why should I use Docebo for employee onboarding?

Docebo LMS can help you establish an engaging and smooth onboarding process for new employees that helps them provide better customer support, start producing sooner, and reduce costs related to employee turnover from the first day they start.

Can I automate enrollments?

Yes, Docebo LMS allows admins to establish different enrollment rules based on branches and groups to streamline the online course enrollment process. Compliance training can now be issued in a drop of a hat!

Can I create personalized learning plans based on role or job function?

Yes! Docebo allows you to create a learning plan to assign to individual users, organization chart branches, or groups so you have a tailored and successful onboarding program for each of your learners.

How do I track learner progress and activity?

Docebo Custom Reporting functionality gives you the data you need to measure the success that your training program is having and which learning content is giving you the best results.

Learn more here.