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Built with the frontline in mind

Accelerate onboarding and ramp-up time

Accelerate onboarding and ramp-up time

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Connect your frontline to training (and training to business results)

When it comes to frontline training, there’s no shortage of challenges. Tackle them all with a solution that connects employees to the training and resources they need to represent your brand consistently and provide top-notch customer experiences across all your locations.

Always-on mobile learning

Make learning easy and accessible for frontline employees with mobile and embedded experiences that support how they work and work on the devices they use—their phones.

Ongoing development

Support professional growth and development with personalized AI-powered skilling, career pathing, and ongoing development capabilities. 

On-brand experiences

Customize your learning environment to deliver branded experiences that drive consistency across franchises, locations and your frontline, and improve the customer experience.

Training, on their terms

Give staff training they can actually do. Microlearning keeps it short. Gamification keeps it engaging. Social learning keeps it relevant. And mobile makes it convenient.

Frontline training matters

Frontline employees make up 80% of the global workforce.


Only 14% of frontline staff have been upskilled for how AI will change their jobs, but 86% of say they’ll need it.

*Boston Consulting Group

70+% of frontline workers want to be promoted, but only 4% make the leap to corporate.



Empower your frontline with training that fits

Give frontline employees training that fits their individual needs, fits into their busy schedules, and fits into their pockets so they can excel in their roles, grow in your organization, and help you your business succeed.

Attract, engage, and retain employees

Bring learning to the frontline

Achieve operational excellence

Time to productivity

Deliver experiences that drive results

Attract, engage, and retain employees

Attract and retain top talent with training that puts employees on a personalized growth path, drives engagement, builds knowledge and skills, increases referrals, and decreases turnover.

Get personal(ized)

Set staff up for success with AI-powered onboarding experiences tailored to fit their requirements (language, locations, experience, etc.) and retain them with ongoing training to develop skills that support their career goals.

Keep it short and sweet

Onsite staff are short on time. Break up training into bite-sized sessions that employees can squeeze in during their shifts. Use gamification elements, like badges, leaderboards, points, and even rewards to get their attention and keep them engaged. 

Bring learning to the frontline

Connect your distributed workforce and bring learning to the frontline with always-on mobile training that’s hyper-convenient, easy-to-use, and puts all the knowledge, information, and communications employees need in their pockets. 

Learn on the go

Enable your staff to engage with training and content on demand and on their mobile devices with a learning platform and branded mobile app that makes it easy for your frontline to navigate and find the right content.

In the know and in the flow

Keep onsite employees in the know without interrupting the flow of work by delivering training and notifications in the technology your frontline teams are already using—their mobile phones.

Achieve operational excellence

Centralize training into a single learning platform, then integrate with other business platforms (like your HR systems) to increase program effectiveness and scalability, reduce training costs, and improve both the frontline and program admin experience.

Unified platform experience

Deliver a consistent experience across different roles, audiences, and locations and centralize content management, ensuring all learners can easily find and access standardized, high-quality materials.

Global program administration

Automate content tagging, skills mapping, workflows (and more) to simplify and streamline content and program management for a large, diverse, and globally dispersed workforce while reducing costs and enhancing the employee experience.

Time to productivity

Reduce the time it takes for new hires to start contributing to your organization with personalized onboarding that connects them to the right content, coaching, and colleagues they need to ramp up faster.

Quality content

Pull from our ever-growing library, sync content from third parties, or create your own content using built-in AI-based creation tools to deliver consistent, quality content that meets the diverse needs of your frontline workforce.

Social learning

Make onboarding social (not siloed) by giving new hires a centralized place to collaborate with peers, ask questions and get answers, and find helpful user-generated content as they navigate their onboarding journey.

Deliver experiences that drive results

Your brand is in the hands of your frontline. Any investment you make in it is only as good as the training your staff gets to deliver it. A better employee experience leads to a better brand experience. And that leads to better business results. 

Employee experience

Show your frontline they’re a priority with a learning platform designed just for them. Keep them educated, engaged, and in the loop and deepen their connection to your brand with training that’s quick and easy to digest and in-platform notifications that reach them where they work.

Customer experience

When it comes to the customer experience, consistency is key. Docebo equips your staff with the content, resources, and skills they need to ensure every interaction customers have—from the physical environments they’re in to the services they receive—is consistent and on brand across the board.

Case Studies and Testimonials

See how Docebo transforms frontline learning

Mia Kernaghan

Global Digital Education Specialist,
Kiehl’s Since 1851

With the partnership of Docebo, we are able to bring our expert-level education and superior brand standards to our teams around the world, making the experience more engaging and accessible than ever before.”

Amy Salm

Director of Product Knowledge Education,

Thanks to Docebo, our associates can start on a Tuesday, and by the weekend they’re trained and ready to be on the selling floor.”


WOW! Mobile Boutique

It makes a big difference to employee engagement to be able to focus on tasks that make a difference, rather than working on tedious manual tasks that anyone could do. That’s the biggest impact for me.”

Kiehl’s Since 1851

How Kiehl’s created a global learning experience

View the case study


La-Z-Boy speeds up ramp time and increases learner engagement

View the case study

WOW! Mobile Boutique

Retailer achieves 300% increase in employee engagement

View the case study

Frontline training FAQs

Does Docebo support mobile learning (even on personal devices)?

Yes and yes! Users can access courses and content via mobile devices (even your employees’ personal devices) for convenient, on-demand training. Both our platform and our mobile app are optimized for mobile learning and support Single-Sign-On (SSO) for frictionless login on any device.

My workforce is diverse and dispersed. How many languages does Docebo support?

Docebo supports 40+ languages to help you localize your learning programs and provide the best learning experience for your frontline employees around the world.

My frontline employees don’t have company email addresses. Does Docebo support push notifications so I can reach employees on the frontline?

No email? No problem! Reach your staff with automated in-platform reminders and push notifications (brief messages sent through your branded mobile app). So you can alert employees to relevant new content or send them reminders about training that needs to be completed.

Can I customize my learning environments so they reflect my brand?

Of course! Both the Docebo platform (mobile and desktop versions) and our branded mobile app are yours to customize. So your learning environment(s) can look and feel on brand.

Check out these links if you want to learn more about customizing your platform and our Mobile App Publisher.

Does Docebo integrate with my HRIS and other business systems?

You bet! You can connect and sync the Docebo platform (either natively or via API) with your existing HRIS or CRM systems. In fact, we support hundreds of integrations. You can view them all in the Docebo Connect Integrations Marketplace.