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You create exceptional experiences for guests. Let us do it for learners.

Docebo is the all-in-one learning platform that helps Restaurant and Hospitality organizations create, manage, and deliver exceptional learning programs. Leave a lasting impression with world-class learning.

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Industry leaders learn with Docebo

Smoothie King
HEI Hotels
Kettlemans Bagel

Inspire optimism and performance

High turnover makes it hard to deliver a consistent guest experience. And it’s why Restaurant and Hospitality businesses are 25% less likely to be optimistic about talent development. With Docebo, you can help your people learn, grow, and thrive, turning them into loyal stewards of your brand.

Build a culture of learning

Get world-class content

Achieve results

Stay ahead on compliance

Learn anywhere

Build a culture of learning and collaboration

94% of frontline employees say they’d like to share best practices they’ve discovered for getting work done. But fewer than half say they have the opportunity to share this knowledge. With microlearning and social learning features, Docebo empowers your learners to collaborate, share, and learn.

Get the content you need

Unlock and white label over 20,000 pieces of world-class content from leading providers, including diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, food safety training, HACCP training, and more. Or, build your own content in seconds with our AI-powered authoring tool.

Achieve results that make an impact

Docebo gives you the data you need to see learning’s impact on your business. Training employees? You’ll see how learning improves productivity, retention, and sales performance. Training partners? You’ll see learning’s impact on revenue and ramp time. And with automatic data collection and easy dashboards, it’s simple to unlock insights and make informed decisions.

Stay on top of compliance

Docebo makes content organization, version control, translation, and delivery easy and standardized, so your people can learn with confidence. And with automated compliance, recertification, tracking, and reporting, you can stay on top of OSHA, HACCP, and other regulations and be sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Learn intuitively, anywhere, at any time

Learning shouldn’t require an internet connection or an office chair: Docebo’s mobile learning platform empowers your audiences to learn when and where it works for them. And with deep customization options, you can serve every audience their own fully personalized learning experience—all from a single platform. This streamlines your technology ecosystem, simplifies workflows, and saves you money.

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Can I create personalized learning plans based on role or job function?

Yes! Docebo allows you to create a learning plan to assign to individual users, organization chart branches or groups. You can pick and choose which training courses are best suited to each of your learners.

How does Docebo manage compliance reporting and certificates?

Docebo’s Certification & Retraining app allows you to create a certification program quickly and easily.
Users can earn a certification by completing designated courses and learning plans or external training activity, or certifications can be manually assigned

How many languages does Docebo Learn LMS support?

Docebo supports 40+ languages to help you localize your learning programs and provide the best learning experience from your training solution.

Does Docebo Discover, Coach & Share have built in social tools such as social sharing, reviews, Q&A’s and commenting?

Yes, within Docebo Discover, Coach & Share, learners are able to share content with others, ask each other questions, and provide feedback on user generated content.