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Social learning and formal learning combined. All in one LMS.

Spark a culture of continuous learning in your organization with the #1 enterprise social learning platform.

The ultimate social learning experience in your learning management system

Discover, Coach & Share brings social learning and content curation into a single, cohesive solution to provide a learning experience like no other.

“Our goal is for the platform to be as engaging as popular social networks, to train people in our business virtually as effectively as a personal tutor, and for it to become the voicebox of our business. Docebo checks all of these boxes”

Social learning LMS features & benefits

A single place to ask questions

Give thousands of people a single place to ask questions to your organization’s experts in real-time, encourage knowledge sharing, and drive collaborative learning.

Let your experts shine

Let your organization’s best performers share their knowledge. Capture insights and push out informal learning for others to learn in discussion forums, replicating the way information is shared on social media.

Don’t just rely on e-learning courses, leverage informal content too!

Your learners decide what skills they want to develop and the learning management system serves up related learning content to drive engagement and personal growth. See your most engaged learners in leaderboards and turn Q&A threads into engaging discussion boards.

Drive business productivity with online learning

Encourage user generated content to drive revenue. Record your webcam during webinars or screen recorded demos, sales calls, success stories, strategies, and more, directly in the learning management system.

Share knowledge across your business

Give your workforce the collaboration tools they need to capture, share, and discover curated knowledge through social interactions across your organization, in a matter of minutes. Use microlearning to really make it stick!

Accessible at the point of need

Put information in your learner’s hands whenever and wherever they need it – through desktop or mobile learning – and share information across remote teams within your social learning solution.

FAQs on social learning platforms

Why should I care about social learning?

Formal learning only accounts for about 10% of how people learn at work. Today, social and experiential learning best reflect how people learn, through their peers and their experiences on the job.

There are multiple benefits of social learning, learn more here.

Why is social learning important for the Docebo LMS learning experience?

Docebo’s social learning feature, Discover, Coach & Share, helps companies improve performance by enabling their customers, partners, and employees to learn from each other, share meaningful content, and learn in the flow of work.

Learn more here.

What can I learn from my learners’ activities in Discover, Coach & Share?

Docebo Discover, Coach & Share provides reports on what content is best supporting your learners, who your subject-matter experts (SMEs) are, and summarises user-generated content (UGC) and channels.


Does Docebo Discover, Coach & Share have built in social tools such as social sharing, reviews, Q&A’s and commenting?

Yes, within Docebo Discover, Coach & Share, learners are able to share content with others, ask each other questions, and provide feedback on user generated content.

How does Docebo’s AI support social learning?

Docebo’s AI supports content discoverability and automates suggestions in Discover, Coach & Share.

Learn more here.

How can learners upload their own content to Docebo?

Learners are able to contribute their own content through the Discover, Coach & Share module by uploading YouTube links, website links, Google Drive documents, files from their mobile devices or computers, or by recording their screen through Screencast-o-matic.


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