Learning Technology Doesn’t Replace Human Capability – It Augments It

Beyond the misperceptions and jargon-filled articles about Artificial Intelligence-powered systems replacing human employees in various roles, the best results to date about this technology have been achieved not by man or machine independently, but instead in tandem.

Join Lucia Pagani, a Data Scientist at Docebo, for this webinar presented in partnership with E-Learning Industry to uncover the insights you need to understand the intersect between AI-powered learning technology and the augmentation of the humans that interact with it.

Insights will include:

  • How AI-powered learning augments the administrator and end-user experiences to gather valuable, data-driven insights that produce positive and more effective learning outcomes, sooner.
  • What AI is in the context of learning and why learning-specific algorithms are key to significantly enhancing the benefits of your learning programs.
  • How AI technologies are being used today in learning and development and how to get started – without becoming a data scientist.
  • What the (very near) future of AI in enterprise learning might look like when it works hand-in-hand with its human counterparts.
Date: Feb 12, 2019
Time: 10:00AM EST
Duration: 45 minutes


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