Offline Is The New Online: Unleash The Power Of Anytime, Anywhere Learning

In a day and age where connectivity reigns supreme, we can all relate to the frustration of patchy cellular service that renders our sleek mobile devices virtually useless. Aside from the fact that a lack of connectivity is incredibly annoying when trying to draft an important email on the go or simply upload a photo of your latest global galavant to Instagram, the mobility of technology is second nature to human beings today, specifically as it relates to the way we consume information and acquire new knowledge.

Corporate training is no different. For those using a learning platform like Docebo to deploy their L&D activities, driving learner engagement and performance depends on your learning content’s ability to satisfy your users’ on-demand mindset. That means having a tool that gives them a way to access their content with or without cellular service, which shouldn’t determine whether or not your users can access their learning content.

Uncover the insights you need to unleash the power of learning anytime, anywhere, including:

  • The power of offline learning with the right learning platform
  • Creating content that connects, even if learners aren’t connected
  • How to overcome the issue of tracking offline learning
  • Choosing the right authoring tools to deliver an exciting L&D program, online and offline
  • How Docebo can bring learning activities to your workforce, anytime, anywhere
Date: Sep 11, 2018
Time: 12:00AM EST
Duration: 60 minutes