The Hard Truth About Soft Skills: The growing demand for soft skills in today’s workforce

In this webinar hosted by OpenSesame and Docebo, you will learn how college degrees are leaving the young workforce unprepared to cater to an organization’ needs, the importance of soft skills in every organization, and how you can take action to address the gap to improve soft skills of the workforce entering your organization.

Key topics include:

  • Understanding why employers need to pay attention to soft skills, and why these skills have relevance in every organization.
  • How more millennials hold college degrees than previous generations, yet are considered less equipped for employment challenges.
  • Impact of the growing gap in soft skills in a workplace.
  • The most essential skills that need to be developed in the first year of work, and beyond.
Date: Dec 01, 2016
Time: 2:00PM EST
Duration: 60 minutes

Watch The Recording: