Measuring the ROI of Informal Learning

Most learners forget up to 90% of what they’re taught over time. So why do most companies still expect their people to learn mostly through formal, structured means?

What opportunities are you missing to help your people get more knowledge value via other, more informal challenges?

ROI of Informal Learning
Measuring the ROI of Informal Learning

This report from Brandon Hall Group shows how organizations can:

Support proactive learners who take responsibility for their own development and seek out learning

Provide easy-to-use tools that offer employees opportunities to connect to formal and informal knowledge sources throughout the organization

Present every employee with opportunities for development based on personal strengths and weaknesses, job roles or interest from sources that go beyond their immediate leaders

Plus, Align your social and informal learning strategies with international benchmarks using Docebo’s ROI Assessment Tool (included in the research brief)

Empower your formal learning strategy and propel your team forward with informal learning channels today.