LMS Project Toolkit


LMS Project Toolkit: Everything you need to gain executive buy-in and launch your LMS project

You know your organization would benefit from investing in a learning management system, but you’re struggling to convince your executive team. No sweat! This LMS Project Toolkit has everything you need, including:

  • Research that will help you build a data-driven business case
  • A checklist to help you calculate the projected ROI of your LMS project
  • A presentation template to guide your discussion with your executives
  • Tips for successfully handling IT objections
  • What to look for in a learning technology partner
  • A guide to what to expect during LMS implementation
  • …and much more!

Download The Report:

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Build Your Case

Gather the data and insights you need to build your LMS business case

Gain Executive Buy-In

Put together a comprehensive and compelling pitch for your executive team

Start Your LMS Project

Learn how to move forward with your LMS project once you get internal buy-in