Align the training needs of your organization with those of your learners with an LMS that uses learning-specific artificial intelligence algorithms to produce deeper and more effective learning experiences

The AI-powered LMS that makes learning your enterprise’s competitive advantage

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Docebo Learn (LMS) brings real smarts to e-learning in a way that elevates Learning and Development from the tool that not only makes your workforce better but turns learning into your organization’s competitive advantage.

Create Beautiful Learner Experiences

Docebo Learn (LMS) is known for its elegant, yet powerful user interface for learners and administrators alike. Docebo Pages gives administrators the power to create up to 1,000 pages with drag and drop widgets – no coding skills required – to produce unparalleled learner experiences that will keep them coming back for more.

Support personalized learning paths for every learner

Powered by artificial intelligence, Docebo Learn (LMS) automatically tags your content to produce deeper search results and analyzes courses content to understand who will benefit from it most, eliminating guesswork during course enrollment activities thanks to AI-powered enrolment suggestions for admins and managers.

Slash Admin Tasks by Automating Them

Docebo LMS cuts tedious and error-prone admin tasks by automating them to give learning admins more time for valuable activities. Define rules, let the system do the work, and don’t worry about enrolling users manually ever again.

Improved Visibility Produces Better Teams

My Team gives managers unprecedented access to their team’s learning activities, uncover skills gaps and address overdue certifications to improve performance through learning. Ease pressures on L&D admins by giving managers a way to assign, enroll or suggest relevant learning activities for individual team members.

Stay aligned with what your workforce is doing each and every day

Observation Checklists allow admins and managers to observe and document learner progress, compliance processes, or job-related tasks in a quick-to-configure checklist format.

Massive actions reduce the time it takes to get training programs up and running

Creating and managing formal courses are condensed to a single area, reducing administrative time and eliminating the need to bounce between various areas of the platform to complete course creation tasks.

Scale to Match The Pace of Growth

Docebo Learn LMS seamlessly scales to meet the evolving needs of organizations of any size. Docebo’s progressive suite of apps and features adapt to unique needs, scaling as learning projects become more sophisticated. By employing the latest technology available, such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and Simple Storage Services, Docebo guarantees enterprise-grade network performance, scalability and elasticity.

Use Integrations and APIs to Enhance Your Learning Platform

Our 30+, off-the-shelf integrations and REST API’s give you the ability to utilize integrations in a way that maximizes data flow between your learning platform and your enterprise applications to deliver actionable insights guaranteed to improve your L&D programs and overall business performance.

Featured Capabilities of Docebo Learn