Message to all Docebo community members
Dear Docebo community members

We have very impressive and exciting news about the Docebo project and we are really excited to share them with you.
By Financial point of view, we raised from the Principia Venture Capital firm 2.4 Million € (around 3.1 Million U$) in order to improve Docebo in the Cloud-Saas way and accelerate the switch of our business model from Open Source to Cloud-Saas.

By technology side, during this months we worked very hard to improve the Cloud support: this has been done by creating a Back-end system for cloud based LMS (This system is called Docebo ERP) and by interfacing our scorm player and learning object repository with Content distribution Network like Amazon Cloudfront. These improvements will be part of Docebo 5.0 release, that has been published today on our website.
Starting from today, you can activate your Docebo E-Learning platform (Version 5.0) directly from our website in SAAS mode

You're invited to JOIN NOW THE 14-DAY FREE UNLIMITED TRIAL of the Docebo Cloud E-Learning platform from the docebo home page: , if you are using Docebo for Enterprise projects or you are selling Professional services and would like to become a Docebo 5.0 distributor please contact our sales team

Docebo Team