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How ChenMed reduced learner support tickets by 63% with Docebo


reduction in support tickets


attendance for instructor-led training


course completion


is one of the fastest-growing healthcare providers and largest value-based care provider in the U.S. With 5,000+ employees, the organization provides coordinated, prevention-focused care for seniors on Medicare Advantage. Niccole Liriano is Manager, Registrar and Training Operations at ChenMed.

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The Challenge

Handling 300 learner support tickets each month

ChenMed is a healthcare superhero, delivering affordable, high-quality services to patients across the U.S. At the heart of the company is a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Before ChenMed discovered Docebo, it administered training courses and materials via a legacy learning management system (LMS). Its goal was to help 5,000+ staff members navigate skill gaps, learn new procedures, and stay compliant. But to achieve that, it needed a robust, intuitive platform that was easily accessible to all staff members.

When Niccole Liriano, ChenMed’s Manager, Registrar and Training Operations, joined the organization, she immediately felt the impact of the legacy system’s limitations.

The LMS’ interface was neither intuitive nor accessible for learners. The result? Some 200-300 support tickets were landing in the support queue that Niccole and her team manage every month. They spent the majority of the working day answering them, leaving less time to provide strategic support and improve the user experience.

A lack of automation left Niccole and her team with a mountain of manual tasks. In one example, they had to recreate learning plans from scratch every time a course was added or removed. This added unnecessary time and overhead.

Because the system was heavily templated, ChenMed lacked the flexibility to tailor learning experiences to different audiences. Learners themselves found it difficult to navigate and complete their training, which reduced attendance and completion rates.

The system’s limited reporting capability was the final straw. Course owners couldn’t self-serve the data they needed, so they’d reach out to Niccole and her team for support. But even a highly experienced learning professional like Niccole couldn’t pull all the analysis colleagues needed for smarter decision-making.

ChenMed was determined to implement a best-in-class learning platform in its place. The company wanted to unlock more efficiency, transform the learning experience for instructors and learners, and drive continued excellence.

“Before Docebo, managing support tickets was a full-time job. Now, the system is so intuitive and seamless we’ve seen a huge reduction. Our people are ecstatic about how much easier and efficient learning is now.”

The Solution

Learners engaged, recurring tasks automated, and analytics transformed

ChenMed was determined to make its training more engaging, efficient, and accessible, so choosing the right learning platform was crucial.

Niccole and her team rigorously vetted 10 potential vendors, building out complex use cases in each supplier’s demo environment. Docebo was the clear choice for its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options. ChenMed also appreciated Docebo’s friendly sales team, who were always available to provide answers and support.

ChenMed implemented a powerful combination of Docebo Learn, Docebo Connect, and Docebo Learning Impact (DLI).

They used Docebo Learn to consolidate all their learning resources, materials, and programs on one user-friendly platform. Docebo Learn improves the learner experience and reduces costs by eliminating administrative burdens in the business.

Docebo’s automated migration tool made it easy to transfer existing content and data, with no manual intervention required from Niccole’s team.

ChenMed found it surprisingly straightforward to build an attractive, branded learning environment. They used Docebo’s drag-and-drop functionality to create a homepage where users can easily access relevant content. With one click, learners can find the courses they’re enrolled in, access learning plans, and track role and compliance-based training.

ChenMed added pre-designed ‘widgets’ that enhance the user experience without complex development. A task list reminds learners of upcoming deadlines and course progress. Another enables learners to link directly to training sessions without wasting time searching through emails. By delivering a better user experience, ChenMed increases program adoption and completion, helping learners become more productive, faster.

To make the learning experience more interactive, ChenMed added multimedia content, gamification elements, and social learning capabilities. By fostering even more attention, ChenMed increases employee engagement scores and retention.

Docebo Learn also automates recurring, time-sapping tasks, improving organizational agility and reducing recruitment costs. On the admin side, for example, Niccole’s team enrolls new users on learning plans and decommissions accounts without any manual effort.

Meanwhile, instructors receive automated notifications when work is ready for review, so they can grade them more easily. Instructors also pull their own reports on everything from attendance levels to course completion, giving them greater autonomy.

With Docebo Connect, ChenMed integrates multiple business systems easily. The most significant integration is with Microsoft Outlook. New training dates—and any changes to sessions—are automatically added to learners’ calendars. Niccole describes this as a “game changer” for busy, patient-facing staff who have more time to plan their workload in order to attend.

As well as providing a smoother experience for staff members, these integrations help to decrease the cost of training for the business. Higher attendance rates and better engagement scores mean people are less likely to re-do training. They also feel ready and confident to do their work quicker.

The team is also implementing a integration. Whenever they create a course in Learn, it will auto-populate in, creating a running course inventory without anyone having to manually enter details.

ChenMed uses Docebo Learning Impact (DLI) to improve its analytics and better understand the impact of training.

With DLI, they create and send automated surveys to learners who complete business-critical courses. Surveys are optimized to send reminders and encourage uptake. DLI consolidates and analyzes this data, enabling them to make data-driven decisions.

With deep data at their fingertips, ChenMed measures the effectiveness of learning programs, continually improves learning content, and identifies which programs are most successful—and then does more like them!

With more than 6 million surveys in Docebo’s database, ChenMed can even compare the performance of its learning programs with other organizations in the industry. This helps them benchmark and continuously stay ahead of the curve.

ChenMed appreciates Docebo’s support as much as its powerful fusion of products. They use live chat to have questions answered in the shortest time. And they utilize Docebo’s community of like-minded customers to share best practices and gather inspiration for getting the best from the system.

“Learners and facilitators tell me that Docebo has been a huge improvement compared to our previous LMS. It is invaluable in helping us collect critical data and align with our strategic goals.”

The Results

63% reduction in learner support tickets

With Docebo Learn, Connect, and DLI, ChenMed has reduced learner support tickets by a staggering 63%! Users require significantly less support because the system is so seamless to navigate and use. And because it’s so easy for learners to provide feedback, ChenMed can constantly adjust training to their needs.

Less time answering tickets—and even more crucial time saved eliminating manual, error-prone tasks—means more time for Niccole and her L&D team to do valuable work. They have more bandwidth to partner with stakeholders, continually improve what’s on offer, experiment with new Docebo functions as they’re released, and expand their course catalog for the benefit of users and patients.

With learning more accessible and engaging, staff attend and complete courses in greater numbers.

Course completion rates are 60.91% and rising. This is hugely impressive, considering rates in most healthcare organizations are still very low. Attendance rates for instructor-led training are a phenomenal 95%+. DLI plays an important role here, as it helps ChenMed gather learner feedback, understand their needs, and improve the effectiveness of training.

Course facilitators and administrators all benefit from the efficiency, functionality, and deep analytics that Docebo provides. At the same time, learners are more engaged and learning more effectively, which enhances performance companywide.

In Niccole’s words: “Our people are ecstatic about how much easier and efficient learning is now.”

“Reducing learner support tickets is a huge win. It gives us more time and opportunity to improve the user experience, work with our stakeholders, and enhance our course catalog.”

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