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Docebo – Service Descriptions

Current as of April 1, 2024

The following are descriptions of offered Docebo Services and only those descriptions that correspond to the Services, as stated in the applicable Order Form, apply.

Docebo Engage

Docebo’s AI-powered learning platform that includes essential features such as content creation, skills management, standard reporting and insights, social learning and mobile learning. Data hosting is available in NA or EU data centers.

Docebo Elevate

Docebo’s AI-powered learning platform with all of the features of Docebo Engage plus; customizable dashboards, impact measurement, up to 6 integrations and premium support. Data hosting is available in any of Docebo’s data centers.

Learn Data Pack

Extract learning data including both raw data from the Docebo Platform and key performance analytics and import it into the Customer’s data warehouse and other business intelligence tools.

Content Pack

Provides admins with access to industry leading off-the-shelf learning content that integrates directly into Docebo and its wide array of analytics tools. Includes set-up support from Docebo’s team of Content curation experts to help launch and implement your learning programs. 

eCommerce Pack

Provides the ability to integrate with third-party payment providers. This allows administrators to designate specific training content (pay-per-course) or user access (pay-per-subscription) behind a secure payment gateway. Administrators have granular control over pricing for optimized sales, can create public landing pages for improved SEO, and benefit from automatic tax calculations for streamlined transactions. 

Flow of Work Pack

Build a learning experience outside of the Docebo learning environment in your own product or web environment. Via Flow Launcher or Flow Building Blocks, display Docebo widgets directly in your own platforms to surface contextual learning at the time of need, in the tools your learners are in. 


Additional integrations (3 pack). Available as off-the-shelf integrations or connectors – integrate Docebo with a wide range of user authentication services (SSO), webinar tools or other third party softwares/applications. 


Continuous sandbox for testing and previewing configurations within a functional Docebo environment, up to fifty (50) monthly Active Users, and ability to preview upcoming Docebo releases prior to release date.

Docebo Extended Enterprise

Set-up of multiple portals, assign different secure URLs, allow the user base to access the system via multiple authentication modalities (manual login or SAML, OKTA, ADFS), utilize multiple secure payment gateways for eCommerce, implement unique branding policies, and  includes white-labeling for each domain.

Docebo for Salesforce

An integration between the Docebo learning platform and Salesforce CRM that allows the Salesforce admin to embed learning for sellers directly in Salesforce, supporting learning on-the-job, while also automatically synchronizing users, courses, learning plans and enrollments between the two systems. 

Docebo for Microsoft Teams

A brandable app where learners can access a personalized training dashboard and search, consume and share content with others directly in Microsoft Teams, making learning convenient and collaborative. 

China Network Support

Leveraging Docebo’s near-China CDN, users in mainland China can experience seamless, low-latency access to training materials including SCORM, xAPI content, and videos (and your other materials) without the complexities of in-country data replication. 

Architecture Upgrade

Docebo’s dedicated architecture accommodates diverse regulatory policies, data/content processing needs, and multi-region residency requirements. Includes a fully dedicated database instance, while still running computational workloads (i.e. application code) in Docebo’s shared multi-tenant infrastructure.

API Limit Upgrade

To ensure our API’s stability and speed, we apply rate limiting. By setting strategic request limits, we prevent overload and maintain service quality. This service may be increased if you need higher limits than the ones provided in your package tier. 

Docebo Branded Mobile Upgrade

Publish and manage a branded “Go. Learn” App in the Apple Store, the Google Play Store or other methods to distribute the app.