Our customer’s experience is everything

Our success as an organization depends on our clients’ success

 Our customers are central to our mission as a company.
We put your success first, by:

Approaching our relationships
with customers as an ongoing
business partnership

Acknowledging that our customer
relationships are our
longest-lasting most valuable
competitive advantage

Promoting a customer-obsessed
culture across departments, from
our Product teams right through
to implementation


“My goal is to build a long-term strategy to achieve your learning and development goals, starting with successful adoption of your learning platform. I’ll be your point of contact and advocate at Docebo.”

 From the very beginning of your journey with Docebo, enterprise customers will be assigned a Customer Success Manager who will work with them to…

Understand, track and report on your business and training goals via KPIs and dedicated business reviews (BRs)

Get the best out of Docebo, helping you to map specific use cases or quickly adopt new features in your ecosystem

Empower your team beyond what is expected, sharing industry-based best practices and market-driven expertise

Liaise with our product team, enabling you to provide input that influences Docebo’s plans and product vision, while keeping you informed about what’s coming next

At Docebo, customer experience is not a department. It’s the reason we get up in the morning.

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