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Launch your learning programs and develop your L&D skills by joining Docebo’s very own customer experience hub

Get Docebo certified

Flex your product knowledge muscles by completing Docebo-certified courses that make you an LMS expert.

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Collaborate, communicate, and grow alongside a global network of top L&D professionals and Docebo customers.

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Show other customers what success looks like by sharing your best practices, stories, tips and tricks.

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Who can join Docebo University?

Anyone can join Docebo U. Your experience within the platform is personalized to your learning goals.

How much does it cost to join Docebo U?

It’s free! An amazing customer experience shouldn’t come at an additional price.

What can I expect from Docebo U?

A super interactive customer experience hub where you can not only share your success, but also learn how to build and deliver amazing learning programs to your employees, customers and partners.

Who’s part of the Docebo University community?

Docebo customers, L&D professionals, industry experts, and Docebo’s Customer Experience, Support, and Product teams.