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June 2020

An Accessible Learning Platform: WCAG 2.1 AA Compliance

Deliver accessible formal learning to all of your learners without tons of work needed on your side. The Docebo learning platform will be accessible for learners to navigate with a screen reader or keyboard to complete formal training without extra configuration needed.

We’re so excited to partner with you on this accessibility journey! Discover more resources and how accessible learning benefits your learning programs.

New Breadcrumbs to make Learner Navigation & User Experience Simpler

500+ votes in the Docebo Ideas Portal are now live in your learning platform with a simpler and more intuitive breadcrumb navigation to get your people back to where they started from quicker than ever! 

Duplicate Your Menus – Cloning Experiences Comes Full Circle

Cloning your pages sped up your time to deliver personalized learning to your audiences last month, but cloning menus should top it off nicely! We’ve closed the loop on your 260+ votes in the Docebo Ideas Portal. Admins can now clone menus as well to streamline set up and deliver programs faster.

On Demand Refresh for your Custom Reporting Data

Have you tried the new Custom Reporting experience already? We’ve taken custom reporting one step further with on-demand refresh of your data. Get updated data in your hands when you need it, without needing to wait for the automatic update that takes place at midnight each night. For more info, check out this article.

That’s not all! Check out the full June updates below in the release notes.

Coming soon

July 2020

Course Management Beta Graduation

The time has finally come – our new course management experience is graduating out of beta and into all live platforms! This movement towards an even more intuitive, quicker course management process for Admins, with enhancements coming for course enrollments.

Have no fear – this update is a step towards giving you the best possible management experience when delivering formal training to your learners, but no existing functionality will be removed. All existing features within the current course management experience will remain, with one additional option that has garnered more than 540+ votes in the Ideas Portal!

In July, you’ll see a new option in the course management experience that allows you to unenroll learners from all of the courses within a learning plan when you unenroll them from the learning plan, which saves you upwards of a couple hours every time you’re managing learning plan enrollments.

Comments on Mobile

Promote social learning, regardless of where your people are accessing their learning platform, with this awesome enhancement to the Discover, Coach & Share experience for the Go.Learn mobile app. Learners will be able to interact with other users by commenting on content directly from their mobile devices, as well as read, reply to and vote on other comments.

Increased Widget Limit

We’re happy to release another 40+ votes by Docebo customers in the Ideas Portal with an increased widget limit for those building custom widget pages in their learning platforms. Admins will be able to customize their widget pages with up to 20 widgets, doubling the previous limit of 10 widgets.

This is only the tip of the iceberg for the July monthly release, which will deliver features that combine a total of 700+ of your votes to your platform!

Important Upcoming Dates

Stay up to date on the latest important dates related to your Docebo platform.

FeatureEnd of Maintenance and Support DateEnd of Life DateWhat You Need to Know
Docebo support for Internet Explorer 11 July 31, 2019January 1, 2020Docebo will no longer support Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 in January 2020. As part of this process, Docebo will no longer offer maintenance and support related to issues with your platform that occur only on Internet Explorer 11 starting on July 31, 2019. Only critical issues related to your platform will be supported by Docebo’s Customer Support team and fixed by Docebo’s development teams, if necessary. In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to start moving you and your learners to one of our other supported browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge to ensure no interruptions for your learners. You can always find our latest supported system requirements here.
HTTPS secure connections using TLS 1.0 no longer supportedJune 15, 2020June 15, 2020Starting on Monday, June 15, 2020, Docebo will no longer support HTTPS secure connections using TLS 1.0.
TLS 1.0 support has been deprecated or is in the process of being deprecated by most popular browsers already, including the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. To ensure that your platform remains accessible to you and all of your learners, Docebo strongly recommends that you ensure your browsers are using TLS 1.1 or 1.2.

End of Maintenance and Support: After this date, any defects or other issues related to the feature will not be fixed by development teams. Docebo’s Help Desk or Customer Success team may offer workaround solutions, but no defects will be opened or escalated to the product team. However, the feature is still accessible and usable in its current state.

End of Life: After this date, the feature is no longer accessible or usable.

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