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March 2020

Tests for the Go.Learn Mobile App

 Take formal learning and assessments beyond the desktop. We always want to make sure you’re equipped to ensure learning never stops – and that’s why we’ve updated Docebo’s native Go.Learn app with the ability for learners to take tests, wherever, whenever. 

Docebo for Salesforce Enhancements – Classic Community Support is Here!

Connect with more customers, partners or employees by injecting your learning program into your Salesforce classic communities. Beyond classic community support, a handful of minor, but impactful improvements have been made to the Docebo for Salesforce integration. Find all the details on the Product Updates page!

Push Notifications & Firebase Analytics for Your Mobile Rebranded App

Are you using Docebo’s Mobile Rebranded app to publish your own mobile learning app to your learners? Good news – push notifications have arrived! Maximize engagement by enabling push notifications from the Virtual Coach to remind learners about courses they need to complete or interesting new content available to them- wherever they are.

Plus! You can now connect your branded mobile learning app with Google Analytics for Firebase to build custom reports to show how your learners are leveraging your mobile app, giving you a way to double down on the areas of your learning program that are working and identify which ones need some tweaks.

That’s not all! See more details in the “History” section below.

Coming soon

April 2020

New Custom Reporting 

Redesigned custom reporting gives you the data you need to measure the impact that your training program is having on your business – sooner. New data points zone in on specific learners, dates, and formal and social learning results.

You can duplicate and export results in a matter of minutes to streamline your reporting engine and keep the right data at your fingertips. Share insights across your organization by delegating Power Users to view and leverage data related to their employees.

Measure Learning Impact with Docebo for forMetris Improvements

Send surveys to measure the learning impact of your formal training programs in new languages: Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Thai and Korean.

Furthermore, you can now connect surveys to specific ILT Classroom and webinar sessions within your courses to understand the effectiveness of those sessions. 

New Channel Management for Admins

Get the right content in front of your learners faster with a newly designed channel management, making it easier than ever to populate channels and identify the right content streams for the right people. Keep an eye out for more details on this soon!

Discover Content: Blacklist or Whitelist it & Share it on Mobile

Lots of small, but impactful improvements coming to your Discovered content, for those using Discover, Coach & Share. Superadmins will soon be able to whitelist and blacklist content in the My Areas of Interest channel to help fine tune those sources that can and cannot push new content to your learners.

Even more, learners will be able to share their discovered content on the Go.Learn app to maximize the social learning experience on the go.

Important Upcoming Dates

Stay up to date on the latest important dates related to your Docebo platform.

FeatureEnd of Maintenance and Support DateEnd of Life DateWhat You Need to Know
Docebo support for Internet Explorer 11 July 31, 2019January 1, 2020Docebo will no longer support Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 in January 2020. As part of this process, Docebo will no longer offer maintenance and support related to issues with your platform that occur only on Internet Explorer 11 starting on July 31, 2019. Only critical issues related to your platform will be supported by Docebo’s Customer Support team and fixed by Docebo’s development teams, if necessary.In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to start moving you and your learners to one of our other supported browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge to ensure no interruptions for your learners. You can always find our latest supported system requirements here.
Oauth2 refresh tokens no longer returned by the POST /manage/v1/user/login
and the POST /manage/v1/user/quick_registration APIs
March 11, 2020March 11, 2020Starting from March 11, the POST /manage/v1/user/login and the POST /manage/v1/user/quick_registration APIs will no longer implicitly return Oauth2 refresh tokens in the JSON response, both for security and performance reasons.

If you still need to refresh tokens, you must explicitly request them, by setting the issue_refresh_token input parameter to true.

End of Maintenance and Support: After this date, any defects or other issues related to the feature will not be fixed by development teams. Docebo’s Help Desk or Customer Success team may offer workaround solutions, but no defects will be opened or escalated to the product team. However, the feature is still accessible and usable in its current state.

End of Life: After this date, the feature is no longer accessible or usable.

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