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Latest Released
Docebo 7.6 – Released on January 31, 2019

Docebo Learn

  • A new beta mechanism that allows Superadmins to test new user experience.
  • Safer, more robust privacy policy management. Use and track PDF files to eliminate risks related to policy versioning.
  • A new, sophisticated and multi domain-ready way to manage Terms and Conditions.

Docebo Coach and Share

  • Learners can now hide/unhide assets they don’t want to see, ensuring that only assets of interest appear in their pages.

Docebo Integrations

    • Docebo’s e-commerce app now accepts ten new currencies.
    • A new webhooks feature to make it easier to write third party integrations with Docebo.

Check here for a complete list of everything included in the 7.6 release.

Coming soon

What’s coming up through March 2019

  • Improvements of MyTeam: February 2019
  • Learners marking content as outdated to alert content owners when updates are needed: February 2019
  • Updated Docebo for Salesforce Integration: March 2019 – Docebo embedded in Salesforce as a native integration. Increased security and performance, vastly improved configurability, greatly reduced time to benefit

Important Upcoming Dates
Stay up to date on the latest important dates related to your Docebo platform.

Feature End of Maintenance and Support Date End of Life Date What You Need to Know
6.9 APIs April 30, 2019 July 31, 2019 The Old 6.9 APIs are now deprecated, but they are still working until the end of July 2019. After then, all deprecated endpoints will be discontinued.
6.9 Theme  April 30, 2019  July 31, 2019 As of October 16, 2018, all existing Docebo LMS platforms using the 7.0 theme will no longer have the option to go back to the 6.9 theme. For those currently using the 6.9 theme, you can continue using it in your platform for now, but once you switch to the 7.0 theme, you will no longer have the possibility to switch back to the 6.9 theme. This may change some items in your Admin Menu. For more information, refer to this article. Please note that the 6.9 theme has an official End of Life and End of Maintenance and Support date.
 Square Thumbnails July 31, 2019  July 31, 2019  The option to use square thumbnails in your platform, which is currently in your platform’s Look & Feel area, is currently only used for catalogs and the My Courses and Learning Plan page. You should switch to the rectangular thumbnail option and start changing your thumbnails from squares to rectangles.
Source Code Button for Multidomain White Label  July 31, 2019 July 31, 2019 Docebo will remove the Source Code button in the Footer section of the configuration area for those using the White Label feature on a Multidomain platform. The platform now uses a simpler, easier-to-use WYSIWYG editor in this area, and the button is no longer supported. Please check any content in this area prior to this date to make sure your users will still see the desired interface experience.

End of Maintenance and Support: After this date, any defects or other issues related to the feature will not be fixed by development teams. Docebo’s Help Desk or Customer Success team may offer workaround solutions, but no defects will be opened or escalated to the product team. However, the feature is still accessible and usable in its current state.

End of Life: After this date, the feature is no longer accessible or usable.

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