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April 2020

Streamline your Reporting Engine with New Custom Reporting 

Redesigned custom reporting gives you the data you need to measure the impact that your training program is having on your business – sooner. Admins will notice a completely revamped interface with a handful of new, useful features that answer 500+ of your votes in the Ideas Portal! 

New data points zone in on specific learners, dates, and formal and social learning results. Duplicate and export results in a matter of minutes to streamline your reporting engine and keep the right data at your fingertips. Share insights across your organization by delegating Power Users to view and leverage data related to their employees.

Measure Global Learning Impact with Docebo for forMetris Enhancements

Measure the learning impact of your formal training programs throughout the world by sending surveys to your learners in new languages: Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Thai and Korean.

Furthermore, connect surveys to specific ILT Classroom and webinar sessions within your courses to understand their effectiveness and tie feedback into building better training for your learners.

Discover, Coach & Share: Revamped Channel Management & A Next Level Discover Experience

Get the right content in front of your learners faster with a newly designed channel management, making it easier than ever to create channels and identify the right content streams for the right people. Set up social learning within minutes, not hours, and foster a sense of community within your platform. 

Beyond that, fine tune the AI-powered Discover content reaching your learners by whitelisting or blacklisting content in the My Areas of Interest channel to have a better grip on which sources can and cannot push new content to your learners. And, by the way, learners can now share discovered content on the Go.Learn app to maximize the social learning experience on the go, beyond the desktop.

That’s not all! Check out the full April updates below.

Coming soon

May 2020

Duplicate Your Pages to Recreate Experiences for Multiple Audiences

One of the highest voted ideas in the Ideas Portal is just a few weeks away from hitting your platform! Quickly clone your pages to speed up deployment of your learning initiatives and create multiple experiences for your various audiences without spending hours rebuilding pages for different use cases. With more than 220 votes, we know you’ve been waiting for this one and we’re happy it’s nearly here!

Important Upcoming Dates

Stay up to date on the latest important dates related to your Docebo platform.

FeatureEnd of Maintenance and Support DateEnd of Life DateWhat You Need to Know
Docebo support for Internet Explorer 11 July 31, 2019January 1, 2020Docebo will no longer support Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 in January 2020. As part of this process, Docebo will no longer offer maintenance and support related to issues with your platform that occur only on Internet Explorer 11 starting on July 31, 2019. Only critical issues related to your platform will be supported by Docebo’s Customer Support team and fixed by Docebo’s development teams, if necessary. In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to start moving you and your learners to one of our other supported browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge to ensure no interruptions for your learners. You can always find our latest supported system requirements here.
HTTPS secure connections using TLS 1.0 no longer supportedJune 15, 2020June 15, 2020Starting on Monday, June 15, 2020, Docebo will no longer support HTTPS secure connections using TLS 1.0.
TLS 1.0 support has been deprecated or is in the process of being deprecated by most popular browsers already, including the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. To ensure that your platform remains accessible to you and all of your learners, Docebo strongly recommends that you ensure your browsers are using TLS 1.1 or 1.2.

End of Maintenance and Support: After this date, any defects or other issues related to the feature will not be fixed by development teams. Docebo’s Help Desk or Customer Success team may offer workaround solutions, but no defects will be opened or escalated to the product team. However, the feature is still accessible and usable in its current state.

End of Life: After this date, the feature is no longer accessible or usable.

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