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January 2020

Security Enhancements for Platform Access
Drill down on the security of your learning platform with a new option to prevent users from accessing their platforms with the same account from different devices or browser sessions.

Stripe Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for Content Purchasing
Reduce fraud and tighten the security on content purchases by your learners in your platform with Docebo’s updated Stripe integration, which supports Stripe SCA (Strong Customer Authentication), which complies with new European regulatory requirements.

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Coming soon

February 2020

E-Signatures for Courses

Reduce the risk of impersonation or forgery of learners in the platform using a secured signature system. The data of each signature is secured in the Audit Trail report, so you can monitor and track course completion without filling out stacks of paperwork to meet the CFR-21 FDA regulation.

Ability for Troubleshooting Proxy Logins for Admins

You asked, we answered! The idea with the most votes in Docebo’s Ideas Portal is here. Help your learners faster by allowing Superadmins to temporarily log into learner accounts to assist them in performing certain actions. Track logins in your Audit Trail report for security purposes and keep your learning program sailing smoothly. More details coming soon!

Share Discover Content with your Peers

Take social learning a step further by sharing the content specifically curated for your interests and skills via Docebo Discover in your own channel in the platform, and inviting your peers to watch that content too. So even when the content is updated with new, relevant content, you can still keep track of the content that you find most interesting.

Docebo Content Catalog for Learners

Add the entire 700-course catalog into your learning platform to let learners take matters into their own hands. Enable learners to enroll into the courses in which they’re interested on their own, reducing manual Admin labor and boosting learner autonomy.

Important Upcoming Dates

Stay up to date on the latest important dates related to your Docebo platform.

FeatureEnd of Maintenance and Support DateEnd of Life DateWhat You Need to Know
Docebo support for Internet Explorer 11 July 31, 2019January 1, 2020Docebo will no longer support Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 in January 2020. As part of this process, Docebo will no longer offer maintenance and support related to issues with your platform that occur only on Internet Explorer 11 starting on July 31, 2019. Only critical issues related to your platform will be supported by Docebo’s Customer Support team and fixed by Docebo’s development teams, if necessary.In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to start moving you and your learners to one of our other supported browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge to ensure no interruptions for your learners. You can always find our latest supported system requirements here.

End of Maintenance and Support: After this date, any defects or other issues related to the feature will not be fixed by development teams. Docebo’s Help Desk or Customer Success team may offer workaround solutions, but no defects will be opened or escalated to the product team. However, the feature is still accessible and usable in its current state.End of Life: After this date, the feature is no longer accessible or usable.

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