Designing the Customer Learning Journey: From Awareness to Advocacy

While many customer education programs start with the goal of improving product adoption or onboarding, new research published by IDC found that education actually contributes directly to performance metrics across the entire customer lifecycle. 

This means that customer education doesn’t just affect one moment in the customer journey. Customer learning has the power to drive growth across the entire business… from increasing brand awareness, to helping with purchase decisions, to creating brand champions and advocates.

So what does a customer learning journey designed for revenue growth actually look like?

Join Docebo and our customer learning experts and find out how to:

  • Design learning moments across the entire customer lifecycle: from awareness to advocacy
  • Turn customer education into a retention tool, and turn your customers into loyal superfans
  • Leverage your learning academy and certification programs to drive revenue, and the common pitfalls to avoid 
  • Measure the ROI of customer education, and the key metrics you should be tracking


  • John Leh, CEO & Analyst, Talented Learning
  • Adam Ballhaussen, Senior Director of Customer Education, Docebo
Date: Oct 12, 2022
Time: 11:00AM EST
Duration: 60 minutes