4 Ways Microlearning Can Empower Employees and Drive Training Success

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Microlearning Reinforces Critical Knowledge in Bite-sized Chunks to Increase Retention

Microlearning is the hottest new trend in the learning and development industry. Critical information delivered in short relevant bursts can drastically improve learning outcomes and ensure that information is actually retained, which has been the main issue with more traditional seminar and workshop type approaches. A recent webinar by Brandon Hall Group and Docebo (recording now available) details the power of these small knowledge bites. Below we’ll reveal some best practices for incorporating microlearning into your training program to improve performance across your enterprise.

Reinforce Formal Training

Typical formal training has low retention rates because of the sheer volume of information presented. Reinforcing the key messages and important points in the weeks and months after the course can deliver huge returns in learner retention. A quick five-minute video or an engaging, short slide presentation serve to back up the course material that was delivered in the formal session.  This also allows the learners to focus on the material that addresses their particular problem when they need a quick refresher.

Provide Knowledge Exactly When and Where It’s Needed

New mobile learning solutions can be paired with microlearning to allow your learners to take training materials with them when they are on a job site, on the road or just away from their desks. For example a webinar recording of a product release can be cut into smaller chunks and made available to a salesperson who needs a refresher on certain features prior to a client meeting, saving them time and ensuring they have the tools they need to hit their revenue targets.

We already know people enjoy browsing the web from their smartphones and tablets. Mobile learning capitalizes on these existing habits. Providing short learning opportunities on widely used devices greatly increases the likelihood your learners will find the material relevant and easily digestible.

Let the Experts Build Your Knowledge Library

You can supercharge microlearning by pairing it with social learning to take advantage of  internal subject matter experts (SMEs) at your organization and create a library of useful knowledge. Your best salesperson can record a five-minute video tutorial on how to close a deal. The product team can make a quick slide deck detailing the solutions a new product brings to the market. The most knowledgeable people can share their expertise without investing an extensive amount of time and learners can access this critical information right when they need it.

Eventually, your internal experts will curate a vast library of knowledge that new employees can use and continue to build upon. The Docebo learning management system (LMS) even features a rewards marketplace for gamification that can help motivate the building of a culture of learning.

Personalize Microlearning for Huge Returns

One of the best ways to leverage the power of microlearning is to allow your learners to select the content that they need the most and store those elements in a personalized library. This approach allows the learner not only to select the content they need but also the format of material that works best for their learning style. To achieve this (and the other points above), a robust learning management system (LMS) that can accommodate this functionality is critical (psst…I know just the one to suggest!).

If the goal of training and development is increased performance, than the truth of the matter is most formal learning approaches aren’t nearly effective enough, at least not on their own. Your organization may be spending as much as $100,000 on annual training events only to then become a victim of Ebbinghaus’ forgetting curve. According to the curve, your employees can only recall about 25% of the information from a weekend training event by the time they return to the office the following Monday.

Microlearning provides a powerful way to improve retention, employee engagement, and overall business results.

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