Apps Marketplace and eCommerce to improve your Docebo E-Learning Experience

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The Docebo Cloud E-Learning platform has been updated with some amazing features, designed to make your Learning Management System even more flexible and powerful.

The Docebo’s LMS is now part of a full-featured and integrated E-Learning environment, as the new Apps Marketplace is finally available along with the already running Courses Marketplace. Let’s see a little deeper what’s new in this release.

User interface improvements

Thanks to the new, simplified upper menu, you can now globally manage your E-Learning platform, as you can: buy more users, enter the Courses/Apps Marketplace, request technical support or access all your billing information and invoices. Yes, in just 1 click!

New LMS menu

This is the brand-new “My Courses” area, completely restyled:

Courses Area

New Apps Marketplace

The idea behind the Docebo E-Learning platform is “keep it simple”. So, while the Docebo Cloud LMS will always be really easy-to-use, we’d like to offer some additional tools to who’s looking for some more specific features.

The Apps Marketplace is the right place where to find apps of any kind, designed to empower your Docebo Learning Management System. You can activate those Apps in couple of clicks, and start enjoying your Online Training project.

Do you remember about integrations? The good news is that all the previous integrations (with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, etc…) are now available as Apps – so, basically, you can integrate your Docebo Cloud with those applications in a few seconds, directly from our Apps Marketplace.

App Marketplace

Catalog and eCommerce

If you want to sell your online courses by using a safe and effective tool, you’re looking for Docebo Cloud with our Catalog and eCommerce Apps. Those Apps allow you to create an internal course Catalog to be shared with your students.

Moreover, you can also sell directly your online courses to your audience, and receive payments via your PayPal for Business account. No fees are charged, so you’ll get 100% of your money!


Do you want to improve your eCommerce activity? By creating a public Catalog, your courses will be visible to anyone!

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