How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to DoceboInspire

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Get the green light from your manager to attend DoceboInspire

As you’ve probably heard, we’re hosting our first conference! DoceboInspire will take place in Boston on September 18-19, 2017. We couldn’t be more excited to assemble the best L&D analysts, thought leaders, and professionals to network, learn, and ultimately shape the future of the eLearning industry.

Before you start packing your bags, you’ll have to convince your boss that it’s worth the investment and time away from work to attend. Read on for some tips for showing your boss how DoceboInspire can help you reach your organization’s L&D goals.

Building Your Case

As with any new project or idea, the key to gaining executive buy-in to attend any conference is to be prepared for the conversation and/or, in some cases, submitting a letter or an official request for approval.

Your success is your manager’s success – in your letter and/or conversation, be sure to outline everything you wish to get out of the conference and exactly how it will help you improve your performance in your role.

Build a business case for attending DoceboInspire that outlines the following:

  • The skills you’d like to develop
  • The goals you’d like to achieve (both at the conference and afterwards)
  • The topics/sessions you’d like to attend
  • The connections you’d like to make
  • The overall value of the conference
  • The cost of attending

When calculating the cost to attend, keep in mind that DoceboInspire attendees receive a preferred rate at the Westin Boston Waterfront. Also, the earlier you register, the less expensive your event registration will cost – early bird pricing for DoceboInspire is in effect until June 30th.

Download our free letter template to start building a convincing case. Read on for more details about DoceboInspire that will help you fill in the blanks.

What You’ll Learn

DoceboInspire will offer a number of different session topics, lead by industry experts. You can view the temporary agenda here (and stay tuned for more exciting sessions to be added!).

At a high-level, session topics will cover:

  • How modern learner needs have evolved and will continue to evolve in the future
  • Expanding training offerings beyond the “four walls” of your internal employees and deploying effective extended enterprise learning (e.g., learning for partners and customers)
  • Trends and best practices dominating the eLearning space (social learning, mobile learning, microlearning, AI, VR, etc.)
  • The role of technology in shaping the future of learning and development
  • And much, much more!

Be sure to choose the sessions you wish to attend based on the specific goals and challenges you face in your role, at your organization.

Who You’ll Meet

One of the key advantages of any conference is that you can experience valuable face-time with like-minded professionals and experts. DoceboInspire attendees will include L&D leaders, analysts, thought leaders, Docebo customers, and other industry professionals.

Some of the keynote speakers on our growing speaker lineup include:

  • Claudio Erba, CEO, Docebo
  • Treion Miller, VP of Digital Learning Solutions, TwentyEighty
  • David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group
  • Josh Squires, Chief Learning Officer, Docebo
  • Alessio Artuffo, Chief Revenue Officer, Docebo

DoceboInspire: Not Your Average L&D Conference

DoceboInspire aims to be an incredible learning opportunity that will promote your organization’s overall learning culture. We want attendees to leave feeling inspired to take their L&D programs to the next level.

Trust us – you won’t find this level of learning and development passion and expertise anywhere else.

Start building your case to attend DoceboInspire – download our free letter template to convince your boss!