E-Learning as a Service and SaaS LMS: drivers & needs

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A growing number of Learning Management Systems are now moving towards SaaS approach. In this article the E-Learning analyst Craig Weiss highlights the elements that will drive SaaS success in the market, as well as the most recurring LMS Critical Needs.

SaaS LMS Drivers

LMS SaaS - Unique Drivers

  • High Data Transfer allows users to have Minimal Lag Time while performing operations
  • Thanks to the APIs, is possible to expand software/application’s capabilities
  • Updates: Enhancements always win
  • As Downtime will impact, a high 99.9% of Uptime is mandatory

Critical Needs

End users for SaaS LMSs have made it clear that they want a system that offers the next level of learning

Administrator Requirements:

LMS Critical Needs 01

Virtual Classroom and Single Sign On

LMS Critical Needs 02

SSL and Competence Management

End users requirements

82% self-registration is required

81% assessment tool and skill gap analysis are critical

75% classroom management is mission critical

62% – a dashboard for a quick overview is needed


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This is an excerpt from the Craig Weiss‘ report “SaaS Learning Management Systems For the Small Business Market“: in order to know more, you can download the whole Report for free!