Measure the effectiveness of your learning programs.

Go beyond the numbers to understand the impact of your training.

Proving impact for your employee training, customer education or partner enablement program isn’t always cut and dry.


It’s time consuming
and doesn’t scale.

Getting the right
answers is complex.

Response rates
are low.

No points of reference
or benchmarks.

Determine whether your learning program is effective or not – and to what extent.

Learning Impact features

Ready-to-go surveys

Measure the impact of formal courses without the headache of building surveys for every… single… one.

Optimized survey techniques

Enhanced survey techniques (A/B testing, reminders, UI design) engage and incentivize learners to respond more frequently than other survey engines.

Built-in reporting

Compare against industry benchmarks with clean reports and dashboards that let any stakeholders immediately understand areas of improvement

Next-step action plans

Get insight into the parts of your learning programs that are working and scrap the areas where the program isn’t effective.

Learning Impact in action

Enable learning impact for your courses.

Learners receive their survey upon completing a course.

Start monitoring results in ready-to-use dashboards.

Learners get follow-up surveys to check for impact.

Dig into results to see what’s working for your learners.

Leverage report results to assess learning impact, then tweak your programs where necessary.

Any questions?

Which industry benchmarks are used in the reports?

With more than five million surveys in its database, Docebo Learning Impact is able to quickly reach the right conclusions and pull learning trends that you can’t see from your data alone. For example, you may see results such as 93/100 for fulfilling expectations but only 74/100 for overall satisfaction, meaning that the overall satisfaction rating of your course can improve thanks to other survey data from companies in your industry.

Which Kirkpatrick levels are covered by the Docebo Learning Impact and how?

The surveys can cover levels 1-3 covered largely at scale. Level two is covered with the evaluation of course objectives in terms of knowledge and skill acquisition, and level 3 is covered through the personalized action plan defined in the initial survey, which is then re-evaluated in the follow-up survey.

Can’t I just use my own learning surveys?

Yes. Docebo’s survey learning objects are a built-in feature of your product. For those not wanting to invest deeply in measuring or those that have time to build out unique surveys for each course, the survey learning objects are a viable option. However, for admins that have 1,000s of courses or are restricted on time, Docebo Learning impact is a much more scalable solution. Additionally, for newer L&D admins that aren’t familiar with the art of building surveys to extract the necessary feedback, the ready-for-use surveys that focus on high engagement takes the pressure off the building process for them.

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