Coach and Share Wins ‘Best Advance in Learning Management Technology’

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Docebo gets the gold from Brandon Hall Group for advancing learning management technology

We’re honoured to announce that we’ve received not one, but two awards from Brandon Hall Group, a world-class HR research and analyst firm, who last week announced the winners of their annual Excellence in Technology Awards.

Not only did Docebo bring home a shiny gold award for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology, but we also earned ourselves a bronze award for Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology. The reason? Coach and Share.

Why is Coach and Share such a big deal?

Docebo Coach and Share is all about delivering on our promise of a learner-centric platform. What this means is a learning management system that helps ensure employees, partners, and customers can learn faster and build the knowledge that leads to greater business success.

But one big challenge that gets in the way of this success is hidden knowledge. Companies often find that knowledge is buried in various places within business units, departments, and folders, or sometimes even just in the heads of a few subject matter experts. But wherever it is, sadly there’s one place it’s often not – somewhere that’s accessible to your workers when they’re looking for the information they need to perform the task at hand.

Add to this the fact that learning takes place in many different ways. The 70:20:10 learning model describes learning as it naturally happens, suggesting that learning as we understand it can actually be broken down into the categories of formal, social and experiential learning. Learners have increasingly high demands of training programs, and many increasingly expect that corporate training will support this reality. This is exactly why we developed Coach and Share.

How does Coach and Share support 70:20:10?

Docebo Coach and Share takes new steps towards enabling learners to take advantage of informal and social learning within learning management technology, which has traditionally only supported formal learning.

Docebo Coach facilitates social learning by engaging the experts, allowing your learners to ask questions and get answers from the best and the brightest in their chosen subject. Meanwhile, Docebo Share allows learning professionals to take advantage of one of their most valuable resources, by making it possible to capture user-generated knowledge, validate the information through peer review and then easily share this knowledge across the organization.

With Coach and Share, we’ve given our customers the ability to bring all of the hidden knowledge that exists within their organization out into the open for everyone to benefit from. As learning professionals, you can now empower your users to participate more actively in their own learning experiences.

We think that’s worth getting excited about, and so does Brandon Hall Group!

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