Support Learning as it Actually Happens with Docebo Coach and Share

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Tap into informal learning with Docebo Coach and Share

One of the main issues with formal learning is that it doesn’t always support learning as it actually happens. Studies have proven that most learning occurs through interactions with peers and managers, and through on-the-job experiences and problem-solving. And, as the 70:20:10 model would dictate, it’s important for learners to be exposed to a combination of formal, social, and experiential learning.

Structured training programs also make it difficult for learners to access information at the point of need, and don’t promote easy access of company knowledge that lives in business units, folders, or in the heads of a few subject matter experts. Fortunately, Docebo makes it easy to implement social learning best practices with our award-winning Coach and Share features.

Docebo Coach resolves the issue of accessing knowledge without disrupting workflows. It allows knowledge seekers to actively engage with the right subject matter experts so they can ask questions and get answers at the point of need. It also provides a place where learners and experts can join forces to curate knowledge capital.

Docebo Share is a system that facilitates the creation of user generated content from daily, on-the-job activities. Once created, content can be categorized, peer-reviewed, and validated, all while building a culture that rewards top performers with measurable recognition.

Informal learning can create more engaging and effective learning programs. Use Coach and Share to put informal learning into practice.

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