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How a Leading Workflow Automation Company Turned its Training Program Around with Docebo

• 2 min read

How to engage learners and get visibility into training – LMS success story

Nintex, a worldwide workflow automation company, needed a learning management system (LMS) to onboard new employees while integrating with its HR systems to streamline the hiring process, automate employee leave, and more.

When Technical Training Manager Erick Weitkamp joined Nintex two years ago, he immediately set out to develop sales training, technical training and certificate exams for internal employees, partners and customers, respectively.

“I needed something that could handle assessments, and that could handle large groups of people – the company has worked with more than 5,000 partners in the last five years alone,” Erick says. “On top of that, we needed something that we could use to log people in or enable them to join the LMS on their own.”

Reliance on Traditional Learning, Methods an Impediment to Progress

In addition to the flexibility of access options, Nintex also needed to be sure the right system could support a variety of content, from three-minute videos, to whitepapers, to SCORM courses.

“What had happened was that we had a lot of content that wasn’t organized, and we really wanted to know who’s done what,” he says.

Recognizing a common problem many companies encounter – an over-reliance on instructor-led training (ILT) and formal learning (particularly for partner training) – Erick and his team made learner engagement a top priority. In their search, they came across Docebo and found a solution that could meet their needs.

Flexibility, Visibility, Advance Reporting Among Key Needs

“The classic problem with online training is that you just don’t know if they’re learning anything,” he explained. “You’re providing all these resources, but you don’t really know how (or if) they’re being used. You’re trying to teach your partners how to sell and how to use the product in one session, then everyone in the training team crosses their fingers and hopes the guy on the other end was paying attention.”

An online training platform with advanced reporting features like Docebo was up to that challenge, Erick found.

“What Docebo does for us is that it helps us look at our reports and understand who’s taken every course, and who’s passed every exam, so we can look at a user and say, ‘he’s ready, he’s serious, but this other user has never even accessed the site, so he hasn’t proven his skills as a potential partner,’” Erick explained.

Find out how Nintex streamlined onboarding processes, opened new channels for customer and partner training and empowered overall organizational growth. Download the case study today!