How can Question banks contribute to elearning project success?

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Researchers agree that the most effective questions have the following characteristics:

  • they address a specific learning goal
  • they make students aware of opinions other than their own
  • they reveal any misconceptions or confusion
  • they enable the exploration of ideas in a new context
  • they elicit a wide range of responses

Writing good assessment questions can be a demanding task for instructors as it’s a challenge to constantly provide learners with original and creative questions. To address this issue, both academic institutions and corporate training organizations have introduced the “Question bank” to their training curricula.

What is a Question bank?

A Question bank is a collection of questions and answers produced and stored in one specific repository – and made available to instructors for task-specific or subject-specific assessment purposes.

The “Question bank” by Docebo is a powerful feature available in the Docebo LMS that streamlines the test-creation process. It makes organizing and managing assessment more efficient.

How can Question banks contribute to elearning project success

With the Docebo Question bank tool, instructors will find it easy to assemble, use, and reuse questions – they can simply select the questions they want from the Question bank to set up tests and test learner comprehension. The types of questions available in the Question bank are generally essay-type and objective-type questions.

What are the benefits of the Docebo Question Bank?

  • Instructors save time creating new assessment questions since they can bulk-create questions according to subject (and even share the task with different instructors) and then choose those questions to create an original, one of a kind assessment
  • Instructors can customize every single part of an assessment to meet teaching requirements
  • Feedback can be turned off to enable summative assessments
  • Instructors can be continually involved in creating more questions for inclusion in the Question bank
  • Question banks can influence curriculum development

The tool is very simple and easy to use – read this article for further information, or start a Docebo LMS free trial to get a feel for the feature!