Infographic: Mobile Learning in Europe

• 2 min read

Europe.. here are the stats. In 2013 there were 403 million unique mobile subscribers which is set to increase to 417 million by 2017. There are 24 countries in Europe with a mobile penetration rate above 100%, and in Eastern Europe an aggregate growth rate of 14.7%.

So in Europe when it comes to mobile we’re dealing with a mixed bag depending on which part of the continent we refer to. In the West, a more mature market on the one hand, and in the East, less mature but rapid growth.

In Europe we find a different buying behaviour for each country! Consumers buy educational apps, subscribe to mobile learning value added service (VAS) products, and purchase personal learning devices.


The consumer demand for mobile learning across the region has always been healthy and has become strong due to recent direct carrier billing agreements. This is vital for the “app economy” in countries with low credit card usage.

There have also been national academic plus EU digitization efforts with a knock on effect for mobile learning. For example, in September 2013 the European Union launched the Opening up Education program funded with tens of millions of Euros.

What’s also notable is that Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives are becoming common in the region.

Check out this infographic for a view on the mobile learning market in Europe: