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Get off-the-shelf e-learning courses at your fingertips

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Off-the-shelf, industry-specific: E-learning courses done right!According to Forbes, in 2018 over 87 billion was spent across the US on corporate training and development. Unless Jeff Bezos is paying for your learning and development (L&D) program personally (he’d probably still have about 55B in the bank leftover), to the rest of us, that is some serious cash.

When we look at the 2019 Training Industry Report, they reveal that larger companies spent up to 17.7 million on their training, and even midsize companies dropped an estimated 1.7 million for theirs.

People look to our L&D leaders to prove business results from these programs and ultimately analyze whether the ends justify the means. Basically, are the results worth the cost of your learning management system (LMS) and your e-learning program?

When you’re spending big dollars like these, there’s also a need for speed (queue a cameo of Nicholas Cage driving). If LMS e-learning courses take too long to get up and running, get people to full productivity, and cause you to miss timelines and targets, the business is going to pay for more than just the content.

I’d hate to see the look on a CLO’s face if they were told their learning program, the vacuum sucking up a bulk of their budget, is actually inhibiting productivity and revenue flow (big yikes).

Even more, if learning programs cost you the trust or (so help you God) the business of your channel and or partner relationships, your learning strategy is officially costing more than you bargained for where the risk is greater than the reward.

There’s a solution (sing with me, hallelujah), but first let’s unpack the business implications of these challenges a bit further to paint a complete picture of what we’re dealing with here.

E-learning challenges for L&D

Vroom vroom – speed to deployment and development: Our admins are the Special Ops of our learning programs. They are the ones on the front lines getting in the weeds to create something meaningful for learners. They’re also sometimes our forgotten heroes.

It’s easy to forget if you’re trying to design the overall organizational strategy, but their time (especially when wasted) is consequential to the success of your learning strategy.

If the L&D team is too caught up in the manual bits of creating and managing learning content, they are devoting time to tasks that could otherwise be more automated. When admins struggle to quickly deploy training because they are having to set up LMS platform integrations or course enrollments, this ultimately stalls their learners from reaching full productivity more quickly.

People are less profitable when they are still developing, and when this process takes longer than it needs to, it can hemorrhage your bottom line.

  • Missed organizational goals and targets: We’re held accountable for our forecasting: whether it’s sales, marketing, customer relations – people count on the outcome that we promise. When we miss our mark, it reflects poorly on your learning strategy itself. Hitting KPIs is what proves value in learning and is what ultimately makes the investment cost-effective.

If deployment and people development lack velocity, you’re not driving with speed towards the rest of your organizational goals. These misses cause a business to slow and put them off par for the course that was projected to exec boards and leaders. It’s a lot of pressure trying to be the Rory Mcilroy of learning, but losing momentum with our deployment and then with our development causes a ripple effect.

  • Channel partner relationships: Partnerships are crucial, and we are our best when our partners and customers feel valued and successful (shameless plug: shoutout to all the Docebo partners out there, we love you). If external audiences are feeling pain with their learning experience, they’ll be reluctant to want to use it at all.

Remember at your high school dance where there were huge groups of kids who just stood on the wall, too nervous to bust a move? Disengaged audiences are the corporate equivalent of those kids. If the dance committee had thoroughly thought out what they wanted the kids’ experience to be like instead of spending a ton of money on a bad DJ, people would have had a better time. The same applies to learning.

If your partners notice that their audience is not engaged, productive, or developing adequately or quickly enough, this can breach the trust you’ve worked so hard to establish with them. Issues like these cause partners and customers to lose sight of any value tied to the learning program, and they instead start to see wasted resources.

  • Lacking ROI: If an LMS or learning program essentially just feels like it’s draining time and money without any ROI, this is where we run the risk of losing channel partners. Basically a channel partner remix to that old TLC song would go something like “I don’t want no scrub (learning program)”, and if they’re singing that remix, they’re probably churning on you.

If you’re throwing dollars at your learning program hoping resources alone will push results, you have to be honest with yourself (deep breathe here): it simply doesn’t work that way. Don’t jump ship yet though: let’s supplement with strategy – it’s time to identify the right resources.

Enter ✨Docebo Content

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Off-the-shelf e-learning content

All of the above said, you can nip the problem right in the bud at the source of where things begin going wrong. Docebo Content allows you to choose relevant off-the-shelf courses from various providers that cover anything from soft skills to compliance. All of this lives right inside of your LMS.

Your admins don’t need to waste any more unnecessary time on creating e-learning courses, managing multiple vendor relationships, setting up technical integrations, or dealing with more than one system. Learners also have the ability to find their own e-learning content and curate content playlists with materials that are relevant and tied to their professional growth. Another speed boost applied to your deployment and development without admin intervention, you’re welcome.

Docebo Content levels up your learner experience to drive the bottom line. By improving the speed-to-deployment of your training programs, you’ll find learners engaged and happy with their professional development.

Get your off-the-shelf e-learning content to develop people faster by extracting the unnecessary roadblocks. In Learning and Development, we love watching people stride and nothing is quite as frustrating as knowing learners are not hitting their targets. With a learning program that is quick, easy, intuitive, and enjoyable, people will own the initiative to learn, and your targets will become more attainable to everyone in the effort.

Off-the-shelf training materials that are mobile-friendly and industry-specific reduce the time it takes to get training programs off the ground. With results that speak for themselves, your partner and customer channels will see value and feel trust in the partnership overall. With a program that maximizes success and productivity, they’ll continue to grow their custom e-learning efforts with the support of your partnership.

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Online content for corporate learning

Docebo Content is here to help you align your organization’s goals with your learning strategy, hit your markers (quickly), and maintain business relationships that support your organization. Basically, we want everyone to like you (admins, your boss, partners, and learners) and we want your learning programs to be so successful that they’re worthy of a raise.

Ready to push the pedal to the metal? Speak with an expert today about Docebo Content.

Off-the-shelf, industry-specific: E-learning courses done right!