Case Study: Efficient Customer Training Enables Scalable, Rapid Growth

• 2 min read

Tech company enables rapid growth by combining a scalable LMS with instructor-led training

Appian, a leading creator of business process management software, knew that its instructor-led customer training program could only support a finite number of learners as the company continued on its impressive trajectory of growth. They needed to find a new approach.

They turned to Docebo to help them achieve their goals through a learning management system that would support customer training.

Scalable Customer Training Required

Appian’s training teams are tasked with enabling application designers, developers and other client stakeholders to use their extremely powerful software to its full potential. At the same time, the Appian team needed to build a partner and customer training program that would be able to scale over time. The company trained several thousand people in 2015 alone.

Docebo’s new case study, published in partnership with our client Appian, explores how a company with more than 500 employees that is experiencing explosive growth was able to open a brand new business channel by converting much of its training into a subscription-based model.

“With this model, we can assemble certain gap training and learning programs,” Medhat Galal, VP of Enablement for Appian, said of the subscription-based structure versus the company’s a la carte training of old. “From a business standpoint, building a subscription-based training program with Docebo has opened a channel that I didn’t have before,” he added.

By pairing Docebo’s online training software with their traditional instructor-led customer training, Appian can continue to grow its customer and partner training processes to support a truly blended learning environment.

“The relationship aspect, the attention from Docebo, remains top notch,” says Medhat. He is continuing to work with Docebo’s customer success and learning and support teams to ensure the company executes on its short and long term learning goals.

“We’re trying to move more toward organic learning,” explains Medhat. One of Appian’s key strategies is to make it easier for their customers to create a more self-directed learning experience for themselves.

Download the case study to learn more about how (and why) Appian is delivering blended learning to its customers by partnering with Docebo.