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User Management, The Easy Way

When it comes to organizing and managing users in your learning platform, you need a set of features that make your life easier.

Arrange users via organizational structure (branches) or subdivide them in a cross-hierarchical way (groups) to keep your learning platform functioning like a well-oiled machine.

Use Your Current System Of Record

Take users from your system of record (e.g. your HR system) or Identity provider (e.g. OKTA) to populate your learning platform’ user database to keep them aligned and always up to date.

Populate users with ease with Docebo elearning platform
Import users with CSV files and bulk edit them with CSV

Mass Import And Edit Via CSV

Regardless of where your users are stored, you can use a system independent neutral format, such as CSV to populate your learning platform. CSV is also an extraordinarily versatile tool to mass edit large numbers of users at one time.

Manage Audiences By Grouping Different Sets Of Users Together

Any given learning program may be assigned to different audiences with different characteristics. Organize users with branches to manage those in different regions (i.e. all Employees in Malta), with different job titles (i.e. all director level employees), or those hired at a specific time (i.e.: hired after June 2018). To perform that you can use both a hierarchical organization (Branches) and a cross-hierarchy organization (Groups)

Manage users by grouping them based on characteristics
Merge user profiles and remove duplicates with Docebo

Merge Users Profiles, Eliminate Duplicates

With our new Merge Users feature, Docebo detects and eliminates duplicate users in your platform. It also allows you to merge course enrolment and tracking history.