[Case Study] How The IGA Institute elevated customer experiences


How one of the largest learning resources for food retailers is helping enhance customer service with Docebo

When The IGA Institute, which provides learning resources for 10,000+ food retailers, realized that customer expectations for great service were growing, it knew it needed a learning partner to help make it happen.

Along the way, however, it uncovered that great customer service was difficult to deliver for a number of reasons:

  • It’s a moving target that is difficult to define
  • It’s not instinctive
  • It needs consistency day-in and day-out

Great customer service is driven by organizational culture, which is why The IGA Institute needed a training strategy that refined store culture and centralized the individual knowledge and expertise of its retailers around the world.

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Engage learners to drive customer service results

Implement a training solution providing resources, support and guidance to enhance stores’ shopping experience and meet the levels of industry leaders.

Track learning and foster team culture

Help managers build an engaged team and service culture, while also supporting leaders in managing and tracking their associates’ learning process.

Enable effective collaboration

Facilitate greater social learning to ease the ability for people to learn by interacting with their peers, managers, or experts in their organizations.