Connect the power of Salesforce to your Docebo training data from sales, partners, and customers.

When Salesforce integrates with Docebo, you gain an unprecedented view of the effectiveness and the business impact of your learning programs across your extended enterprise.

Enable sales at scale

Make your sales on-boarding process effective and efficient. Provide key information about product and positioning, and offer continuous learning opportunities for your entire sales force, through Salesforce.

Power your partner channel

Measure the performance of your channel partnerships by tying training and certification programs to sales metrics. Create custom reports and dashboards from/in Salesforce using completion data from Docebo.

Increase adoption and renewal of your product

Engaged customers are loyal customers, and loyal customers are repeat customers. Deliver training and certification courses and measure how your learning program affects your customer’s health indicators.

Make data-driven informed decisions

Measure the performance of your training content sales business. By Integrating salesforce and Docebo, you now have the data to make data-driven, informed decisions that improve your bottom line.