DoceboInspire Attendee Guide: Create Your Own Conference Agenda

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Struggling to pick your DoceboInspire sessions? We’ve got recommendations for everyone!

DoceboInspire is fast-approaching! We’ve packed a lot into two days, and the best way to ensure you’re ready to take it all in is to spend some time thinking in advance about what you hope to learn at DoceboInspire.

DoceboInspire has something for everyone, from the learning management system administrator looking for tips to help them improve their use of Docebo, to the L&D leader who might just be starting to consider an LMS for their team.

But not all sessions are the right fit for all our attendees, which is why we encourage you to take a look at the DoceboInspire Agenda and map out your DoceboInspire experience ahead of time!

To help point you in the right direction, we’ve listed a couple sessions we’d recommend based on your interests. Do you identify with any of the following?

The Continuous Improver

You identify with the phrase “lifelong learner.” Always eager to optimize your processes, learn new skills and improve your individual and team performance, you’re hoping to come away with some new ideas to implement in your role.

We Recommend: “How to Create & Integrate Great eLearning Content” presented by OpenSesame is a good option if you’re looking to step up your game when it comes to delivering engaging eLearning experiences. If you want to get a jump start on next year’s goals by aligning them with upcoming Docebo functionality, “What’s Next for the Docebo LMS?” would be a great pick. Finally, Marina Theodotou’s workshop, “Measuring Learning Outcomes for Improved L&D Performance” focuses on improving your capability to measure learning’s impact on business results, which sounds right up your alley.

The Social Networker

Maybe you’re an expert at working a room, maybe you just love learning from other people’s experiences – either way, you agree that some of the most rewarding learning experiences come from informal settings where you can connect with your peers.

We Recommend: Our evening yacht cruise and networking breaks are a given, but we think you’d particularly enjoy our more interactive sessions. For Docebo clients, our Roundtable Discussions will provide the opportunity to discuss best practices, challenges, and how to maximize the value of your LMS. We’re also offering a number of workshops that will get you thinking on your feet, including Laura Overton’s session “Making the Case for Social Learning.”

The Docebo Enthusiast

Whether you’re hoping to better understand Docebo’s vision for eLearning or get advice on how to better leverage your Docebo platform, one of your main reasons for attending was to develop your Docebo knowledge.

We Recommend: Our Roundtable Discussions session is your chance to share ideas and best practices with other Docebo users for getting the most from your Docebo LMS. If you’d like to learn more about Docebo Perform, this Day 1 session will introduce you to new functionality designed to help L&D deliver more targeted training to address skill gaps. Of course, our CEO will provide some insight on the Docebo vision in his keynote, but if you’re looking for more inside scoop on the future of Docebo, “What’s Next for the Docebo LMS?” is where you’ll want to be!

The People Leader

You’re motivated to get the best out of people; empowering others to grow professionally and develop their skills is what drives you. You view your role as an opportunity to help set the tone for your company’s culture.

We Recommend: You definitely won’t want to miss our keynote speakers – executive coach Joshua Miller will share his thoughts on “Why Leaders Struggle with Authenticity,” while Zipcar co-founder Robin Chase will be talking about creating a culture that encourages experimentation and better, faster decision-making in her keynote, “People-Powered Innovation.” Those who work with increasingly younger employees will also want to check out “How to Embrace Your Millennial Workers to Fuel a Powerful Lean Product Strategy.”

The Forward Thinker

You’re excited about the evolution of the learning & development industry and are eager to hear more about what to expect. Experimenting with new learning technology is something you enjoy, and you can hardly wait to get your hands on what’s coming up next.

We Recommend: DoceboInspire has a lot to offer the forward-thinking learning professional, but you’ll want to take lots of notes during David Wentworth’s keynote on “The Changing Learning Landscape” and our Analyst Perspectives panel on “The Future of eLearning.” We think you’ll get a kick out of our CEO Claudio Erba’s presentation, “How AI & Learning Automation Will Change the eLearning Industry,” a topic he’s personally very passionate about. Finally, our “Virtual Reality Demonstration” session is one not to be missed!

The Sales Enabler

You are obsessed with enabling your sales team to deliver on their targets. You’re all about the bottom line and believe that the right training approach can drive revenue and maximize ROI.

We Recommend: If there’s one thing we know about salespeople, it’s that they’re busy and don’t have a lot of time or patience for training that doesn’t deliver. “How to Effectively Build Bite-Size Learning in a Traditional Training World” is the session to be at for tips on creating engaging learning experiences for short attention spans. “Transform Your Sales Results with a Systems Approach” is another clear winner, where Mike Kunkle promises to deliver real-world, practical advice on improving your sales results.

Hopefully you find the above suggestions a helpful starting point, but don’t forget to check out the detailed agenda and our Featured Speakers page for all the information you’ll need to create your perfect personalized DoceboInspire experience!

We can’t wait to welcome you to Boston. But if you still haven’t registered, it’s not too late to get in on the fun!