Digital learning adds value to your
professional membership

Provide training to your members (certifications, re-training,
compliance training) to maximize the value of your offering

Create great content, centralize it, and facilitate engagement
among your members with digital learning, no matter their location.

membership value

Establish comprehensive professional development ecosystems for your members with a holistic approach to digital learning that combines formal, social and experiential learning.

member relations

Manage continuing education opportunities for your members across the entirety of their careers, even if they move on to a new company or position.

Establish a new
revenue stream

Increase revenue by selling learning content through Docebo’s e-commerce app, while making it easy for your members to purchase complementary learning content.

Almost one-third of organizations selling extended enterprise training are recouping more than half of the costs of their learning platform…


– Brandon Hall Group

Organize learning content

Centralize learning content, both formal and informal, in a single environment, which goes a long way in preventing the loss of course content, while simplifying the development of training collaterals. Content can be organized into playlists to satisfy various learning paths.

Track learner performance

Monitor the progress of your learners and ensure they achieve learning objectives. Your learning platform generates reports to identify where members are excelling or struggling with their learning activities, to understand whether your courses are meeting their expectations and take steps to improve their efficacy.

Provide evidence of course completion
for compliance training

Some organizations are required by law to provide proof of delivery of compliance training with various regulatory authorities. Use your learning platform to assist your members in meeting these compliance requirements and generate certificates upon successful completion, hassle-free.

Learn and develop through others

Inject social learning into your member training activities. Professional associations are ideal candidates for social learning because they’re designed to foster networking and interaction among members. Centralize these interactions within your learning platform by encouraging members to contribute their own insights, initiate discussions and learn from real-life, on-the-job experiences among learners with similar professional interests.

Empower your professional membership with a learning platform that produces learning experiences and more effective learning outcomes.