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Docebo Team

Docebo’s movers and shakers

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  • Abdel Mahcene
    Abdel MahceneCustomer Success Manager
  • Alan Stewart
    • Alberto Caroli
      Alberto CaroliData Scientist Intern
    • Alessandra Cassanmagnago
      Alessandra CassanmagnagoHead of Staff & Office Management
    • Alessandro Ortolina
      Alessandro OrtolinaUI DESIGNER
    • Alessio Artuffo
      Alessio ArtuffoChief Revenue Officer
    • Alessio Frigeri
      Alessio FrigeriCOO - Docebo SPA
    • Alison Grenkie
      Alison GrenkieCorporate Marketing Manager
    • Andrea Biraghi
      Andrea BiraghiHead of Design
    • Andrea Cardani
      Andrea CardaniCustomer Success Manager
    • Andrea Spoldi
      Andrea SpoldiCloud Performance Architect
    • Andy Okala
      Andy OkalaSales Intern
    • Annamaria Scirè
      Annamaria ScirèHR Specialist
    • Anton Mamichev
      Anton MamichevDirector of Product Management
    • Bianca Corbetta
      Bianca CorbettaFinance
      • Cameron Dorsett
        Cameron DorsettJunior Administrative Assistant
      • Carlo Adamo
        Carlo AdamoLearning and Support Specialist
        • Carlo Sbrescia
          Carlo SbresciaAccount Executive
        • Carmine Pizza
          Carmine PizzaLearning and Support Specialist
        • Chantel Parise
          Chantel PariseEvent Manager
          • Chris McRae
            Chris McRaeGlobal Head of Implementations
          • Claudio Erba
            Claudio ErbaCEO and Board Member
          • Claudio Mazza
            Claudio MazzaImplementation Specialist
          • Corey Marcel
            Corey MarcelDirector of Sales - Docebo NA Inc
          • Daniel Klass
            Daniel KlassBoard Member
          • Daniele Baudone
            Daniele BaudoneInformation Security Officer
          • Daniele Marco Minoia
            Daniele Marco MinoiaIntegration Manager
          • Danniel Angulo
            Danniel AnguloBusiness Development Representative
          • Dario De Angelis
            Dario De AngelisBusiness Development Representative
          • Davide Cazzaniga
            Davide CazzanigaTeam Leader - ERP
          • Davide Forleo
            Davide ForleoGraphic Designer
            • Davide Scalvi
              Davide ScalviSenior Project Manager
            • Donato Mangialardo
              Donato MangialardoDirector of Product Marketing
            • Donnie Edwards
              Donnie EdwardsAccount Executive
            • Elizabeth Kissane
              Elizabeth KissaneLearning & Support Specialist
            • Erika Ciarmatori
              Erika CiarmatoriOffice Manager - EMEA
            • Evan Brown
              Evan BrownLearning and Support Specialist
              • Fabio Pirovano
                Fabio PirovanoCTO
              • Faycal Aliou
                Faycal AliouInbound Sales Representative
              • Francesca Bossi
                Francesca BossiHR Manager
              • Gabriella Corbetta
                Gabriella CorbettaHead of Finance
                • Gianfranco Romano
                  Gianfranco RomanoHead of Sales - ITALY
                • Giovanni Martone
                  Giovanni MartoneTeam Leader
                • Hutch Haines
                  Hutch HainesImplementation Specialist
                  • Jacopo Mauri
                    Jacopo MauriGlobal Marketing Manager
                  • Jamie Morgan
                    Jamie MorganEnterprise LMS Consultant
                  • Joe Carney
                    Joe CarneyProject Manager
                  • Johanna Pastrana Calderon
                    Johanna Pastrana CalderonOffice Manager
                  • John Kipe
                    John KipeCustomer Success Manager
                  • Jordan Pollack
                    Jordan PollackLearning & Support Specialist
                  • Josh Squires
                    Josh SquiresCOO - Docebo EMEA FzLlc
                  • Juan Carlos Spir
                    Juan Carlos SpirAccount Executive
                  • Kevin Sands
                    Kevin SandsBusiness Development Representative
                    • Kristy Sadler
                      Kristy SadlerChief Marketing Officer
                    • Lee Collier
                      Lee CollierSenior Account Executive
                    • Lindsey Davison
                      Lindsey DavisonTechnical writer
                    • Marc Elkhoury
                      Marc ElkhouryAccount Executive
                    • Marco Spinelli
                      Marco SpinelliCustomer Success Manager
                    • Marco Taraschi
                      Marco TaraschiTalent - Team Leader
                    • Marco Valloni
                      Marco ValloniQuality Assurance
                    • Marquis Dugger
                      Marquis DuggerLearning and Support Specialist
                    • Martino Bagini
                      Martino BaginiBoard Member
                    • Massimiliano Nava
                      Massimiliano NavaFinancial Controller
                    • Matt Reeves
                      Matt ReevesLearning and Support Specialist
                    • Matthew Wilmesherr
                      Matthew WilmesherrBusiness Development Representative
                    • Matthew Woody
                      Matthew WoodyCustomer Success Specialist
                    • Mauro Giavarini
                      Mauro GiavariniHead of Quality Assurance
                    • Mehdi Tazi
                      Mehdi TaziImplementation Specialist
                    • Melvin Prada
                      Melvin PradaHead of Customer Success
                    • Moreno Liziero
                      Moreno LizieroIntegration Developer
                      • Nate Madel
                        Nate MadelIMPLEMENTATION SPECIALIST
                      • Nick Thomas
                        Nick ThomasSenior Account Executive
                      • Noel Miller
                        Noel MillerHead of Staff & Office Management
                      • Paolo Cerletti
                        Paolo CerlettiInfrastructure Support Specialist
                      • Paolo Gaioni
                        Paolo GaioniLearning & Support Specialist
                      • Paolo Loiudice
                        Paolo LoiudiceImplementation Specialist
                      • Patrick Martin
                        Patrick MartinHead of Learning & Support
                      • Paul Leavoy
                        Paul LeavoySenior Content Manager
                      • Raffaele Quitadamo
                        Raffaele QuitadamoHead of Product
                      • Riccardo Venturato
                        Riccardo VenturatoUI DESIGNER
                      • Richard Wise
                        Richard WiseSenior Implementation Specialist
                      • Rob Anderson
                        Rob AndersonOutbound Business Development Team Lead
                      • Ryan Shaffer
                        Ryan ShafferAccount Executive
                      • Shae Phelps Peden
                        Shae Phelps PedenCustomer Success Specialist
                      • Silvia Magni
                        Silvia MagniAdministrative Assistant
                      • Silvia Valencia
                        Silvia ValenciaDigital Marketing Specialist
                      • Simona Gaddi
                        Simona GaddiMultimedia Designer
                      • Simona Maddaloni
                        Simona MaddaloniCustomer Success Manager
                      • Stefano Perego
                        Stefano PeregoLearning & Support Specialist
                      • Victoria Hoffman
                        Victoria HoffmanContent Specialist