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The Insider's Guide to LMS Selection Success

The LMS landscape is crowded and difficult for potential buyers to navigate. In this webinar, Talented Learning’s John Leh and Docebo’s Corey Marcel will explain how to choose the right LMS for your organization. You will learn:

  • What an effective LMS selection process looks like
  • The factors that matter most in choosing a learning platform
  • Where to find the most reliable LMS vendor intelligence
  • How to avoid common LMS selection missteps
If you’re selecting a new LMS this year (or are thinking about it), this is the webinar for you. Register for this live online event now! If you can’t attend the live session, sign up and we will send you a link to the webinar recording.

Date: Feb 16th 2017 Duration: 60 minutes

eLearning 2017 and Beyond: Get Ahead of the Trends Shaping the Learning Industry

The global eLearning market continues to shift, grow, and evolve, with many moving parts, disruptive technologies, and shifting priorities. That’s why we’re providing a free webinar on eLearning market trends with Training Industry on Jan. 26 at 1 p.m. EST. In this presentation Docebo’s own EMEA COO Josh Squires and Content Manager Paul Leavoy will cover what you need to know to get up to speed on the biggest global trends in eLearning. Among other things, we’ll cover:

  • The eLearning forecast for 2017-2021, with metrics and insights pulled together by some of the leading analyst voices in the space
  • Emerging trends in the eLearning market, including social learning, mobile learning, microlearning, and more
  • A look at potential “game-changers” and disruptive technologies and approaches to eLearning, including game-based learning, gamification, and wearable tech
Join us for this essential presentation on learning and development priorities to help you make informed decisions to enable success through 2017 and beyond.

Date: Jan 26th 2017 Duration: 60 minutes

How Docebo Improves Training Performance by Enabling Formal and Informal Learning

Join our senior account executive Nick Thomas for a first-hand look at how Docebo’s LMS uses blended learning to engage learners and improve training performance across the enterprise. This product demo will provide insights on:

  • The vital importance of the learner’s experience in an LMS
  • How users interact with Docebo on a daily basis
  • The administrator-focused side of Docebo, including user management, course management and reporting
  • How to support both formal and informal learning with an effective, fun-to-use LMS

Date: Dec 19th 2016 Duration: 60 minutes

xAPI in eLearning - Beyond SCORM to a Big Data Future

Join David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, John Blackmon, CTO of Trivantis, and Alessio Artuffo, CRO of Docebo, as they discuss the xAPI standard and look at practical applications companies are using today. Discussion topics include:

  • What is xAPI and why does it matter?
  • What are the practical applications of xAPI?
  • Examples of xAPI in practice
  • The future of learning standards

Date: Dec 6th 2016 Duration: 60 minutes

The Hard Truth About Soft Skills: The growing demand for soft skills in today’s workforce

Employers are moving away from using a college degree as proper qualification for a job, but is this the right talent strategy? In this webinar, jointly hosted by OpenSesame and Docebo, you will learn where college degrees are leaving the young workforce unprepared, why soft skills still matter, and how you can take action today to address the skill gaps entering your organization. Key topics include:

  • Understanding why employers need to pay attention to soft skills, and why these skills still have relevance within every organization.
  • Where and how the skills gap emerged.
  • How more Millennials hold college degrees than previous generations, yet are considered less equipped for economic and employment challenges.
  • Impacts in the workplace from the growing gap in soft skills.
  • The most essential skills that need to be developed in the first year of work, and beyond.
Register today to attend this essential presentation on the growing demand for soft skills in today’s workforce.

Date: Dec 1st 2016 Duration: 60 minutes

Integrating your CRM and LMS to drive sales and fuel business performance

Integrating your CRM with your LMS provides a critical link between the two most important tools for driving overall sales performance. David Patterson of Learning Light, a preeminent research-led elearning consultancy and training provider, details these benefits as part of a webinar, co-hosted by Docebo.

  • How an integrated LMS and CRM can ensure your internal sales staff are operating at peak performance
  • How to establish the link between training performance and sales results across your extended enterprise to rate partner and channel success
  • Best practices for rolling out this powerful new functionality to your staff, partners and/or customers to ensure you achieve your training and revenue growth goals

Date: Aug 4th 2016 Duration: 60 minutes

Learner-Centric Programs that Drive Revenue and Power Sales Performance

Are you enabling your sales team with a learner-centric, blended education program, or burdening them with outdated, boring training videos? Watch this webinar hosted by Brandon Hall Group’s Principal Analyst David Wentworth as we explore these and more questions about the current state of sales training and learning technology.

Date: Jun 30th 2016 Duration: 60 minutes

Preview: Docebo Coach & Share - Session #1

Sign up for this exclusive opportunity to preview Docebo Coach and Share, two new modules that address and support learning at the point of need. With dozens of new features, Coach and Share are designed to work in concert with Learn, the Docebo LMS as it's known, to provide a robust system for social and experiential learning.

Date: Jun 13th 2016 Duration: 60 minutes

Docebo 6.8 Preview - Session #2

Be among the first to preview the latest updates to the Docebo LMS as we prepare to roll out a host of changes and new features. This hour-long webinar includes time for questions with our presenters and is the first opportunity for existing Docebo customers to see how their learners will be impacted by the latest enhancements.

Date: Jan 28th 2016 Duration: 60 minutes

#DoceboLive demo series - Jan 12, 2016

DoceboLIVE offers a weekly live, in-depth look at the Docebo eLearning platform. This is the most convenient way to get an inside look at the latest updates and applications in L&D. Each interactive demo is only 30 minutes long, and includes time for questions with our presenters!

Date: Jan 12th 2016 Duration: 30 minutes

Measuring the ROI of Informal Learning

It has become apparent that people learn more of what they need to be effective at their job through informal channels, on-the-job experiences and coaching than they do through more formal means. However, most companies still focus their learning efforts on the classroom and the course. What opportunities are they missing to help people retain more of what they are learning and discover new knowledge through these other challenges? Join David Wentworth, Principal Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, and Alessio Artuffo, Chief Operating Officer at Docebo NA Inc., as they examine the possibilities within social and informal learning, as well as ideas around measuring the benefits of their use. Discussion topics include:

  • The 70:20:10 Learning Framework
  • The use of informal learning to boost learning
  • Measurement strategies
  • Examples of companies putting these strategies into practice

Date: Dec 1st 2015 Duration: 60 minutes

The New 70:20:10? The Changing Face of Learning

Join Michael Moon, Research Director of HCM at Aberdeen Group, and Docebo, to learn how digital has disrupted the way organizations think about the “70:20” of the 70:20:10 learning model, and the importance of leveraging technology to uncover, create and share knowledge.

Date: Sep 29th 2015 Duration: 60 minutes

Integrating the HR Landscape on the Cloud

On June 30th 2015, Docebo hosted a webinar based on extensive independent research with European HR and Learning leaders. During the webinar David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR Analyst, and Raffaele Quitadamo, Docebo’s Head of LMS Development Team, discuss the drivers, challenges and benefits of integrating your HR systems landscape.

Date: Jun 30th 2015 Duration: 60 minutes

Top 10 features of an Extended Enterprise LMS

On March 12th 2015 Docebo hosted a webinar on the topic of “Top 10 features of an Extended Enterprise LMS”.  During this webinar John Leh , CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning, and Alessio Artuffo, COO of Docebo NA, showed the benefits of extended enterprise learning and what is really needed to be successful.

Date: Mar 22nd 2015 Duration: 60 minutes

MOOCs: from Academia to Corporate

On Weds Nov 19th, 2014, Docebo hosted a live panel discussion on the topic of “MOOCs: from Academia to Corporate”. During this webinar attendees had the opportunity to witness leading industry thought leaders discuss: what MOOCs are & the different types of implementation; MOOCs vs curricular education & MOOCs vs elearning courses; MOOCs within a corporate setting; and confronting the hype of MOOCs & exploring their future.

Date: Nov 19th 2014 Duration: 60 minutes

Best Practices to ensure maximum ROI on Learning & Development

How to ensure maximum ROI on L&D activities: Research studies show that companies that develop their employees, and do it well, reap big rewards in terms of product innovation, market share, and greater efficiency. View this educational webinar to learn how to ensure maximum ROI on L&D activities.

Date: Jun 1st 2015 Duration: 60 minutes

Webinar: Trinity Mirror on how to manage Enterprise Elearning projects

In this webinar Trinity Mirror, one of the largest multimedia publishers in the UK, and Docebo, go over how to avoid the most common pitfalls in implementing a large Enterprise Elearning project. In this 45 minute webinar (with 15-minutes live Q&A) you will learn how Trinity Mirror got ahead of competition via training strategy and implementation of best practices; why defining requirements really matters; the importance of an integrated, holistic ‘content-plus-LMS’ strategy; and why adopting a flexible and easily integrated LMS solution such as Docebo LMS is an advantage.

Date: Jun 3rd 2014 Duration: 60 minutes