Take learning beyond the four walls of your organization
to train partners, customers and members.

Deliver different experiences for multiple audiences

Support various styles and learning goals with a tailored look and feel, and fresh, curated content for multiple audiences – internal, external, or both.

Keep your partners engaged, aligned with your brand

Successfully train and engage partners and customers to increase their adoption of your products. Improve the value of your membership programs by providing continuous learning opportunities and certification programs.

Train and engage partners with AI-powered learning
Eliminate the need for multiple learning systems

Eliminate the need for multiple learning systems

Adapt the interface and workflows to meet the different requirements of several learner audiences – without losing time to build, learn and manage multiple learning platforms.

Open new revenue streams

Sell learning content to generate new revenue, while producing deeper connections with your partners and reducing customer churn.

Sell learning content to generate new revenue

Propel partner or customer commitment

Show your commitment to their success by tailoring training for your partner and customer channels through uniquely-branded, personalized portals for each audience within a single, centralized platform.

Benefits of Docebo Extended Enterprise

Multiple Domains

Manage multiple domain/portals for different audiences with their own admins, branding and authentication.

Delegate administration for each domain

Assign admin rights to customers and partners so they can manage tasks, while you maintain control of the platform.

Privacy for each of your audiences

Each learning portal is unique so customers and partners will never see content or metrics for any other platform.

Secure access with Single Sign-On (SSO) capability

Empower partners and customers to access learning content easily.

Create custom branded portals

Provide a customer-centric experience by branding each portal and creating familiarity for learners.

Design personalized pages and menus for each audience

Create pages and menus specifically for each domain and audience to give users personalized learning experiences.