Achieve your external training goals with our LMS for Extended Enterprise

Train customers, partners and other external stakeholders


Train and engage external audiences

Ensure your customers, partners and other external audiences are fully trained. Docebo’s LMS for Extended Enterprise is a user-friendly and intuitive platform that not only delivers your content but tracks training and certifications, rewards learners and improves learning outcomes.

Delegate administration while controlling content

Assign administrative rights to your customers and partners so they can manage many tasks such as adding and removing users and assigning specific course while you maintain control over the knowledge assets that are being delivered. All this while having full visibility into course completion, results and certifications.

Create custom branded portals and mobile apps

Provide a customer-centric experience by branding each portal. This way your customers and partners will see their branding, showing your commitment to their success and creating familiarity for their learners. Docebo is one of the only LMS providers to enable custom branding in its mobile app

Simple and secure LMS access with multiple authentication methods

Leverage a variety of different authentication methods to enable your partners and customers to access learning content easily, improving course completion and customer/partner adoption.

Privacy for each of your unique audiences

Each learning portal is unique for your customers and partners so learning content is only shared from the parent administrator or within each platform. Customers and partners will never see content or metrics for any of the other platforms. As the parent LMS administrator you still have global visibility and can publish content from a centralized repository to each of the platforms that are created.

Improve course completion and comprehension with gamification

Each administrator can make learning fun and improve learning outcomes by running unique contests, awarding points, badges and/or coins for activities and track it all in a leaderboard to take advantage of people’s competitive nature.

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