30+ off-the-shelf integrations and the most robust set of APIs you’ll come across

Integrate your learning platform into your business systems
ecosystem to enhance your learning strategy

Authoring Tools

Docebo integrates with Elucidat and Lectora, eliminating the need to upload materials between the two systems. Publish courses into Docebo with the click of a button to easily, and distribute and replicate learning assets across multiple courses, while engaging your learners with top-notch content.

Integrate your Docebo LMS with authoring tools
Connect your LMS with Docebo web conferencing integrations

Web Conferencing

Organize and manage virtual, instructor-led classroom training and webinars. Docebo integrates with the latest web conferencing platforms to offer users interactive and engaging instructor-led, live training sessions, online.

Single sign-on

Integrate secure identity management and single sign-on to your business applications. Sync your user databases and use only one set of credentials to login. Providers include AUTH0, OPENID CONNECT, OKTA, SAMLS, ADFS, Facebook
Gmail, Google Apps, LinkedIn.

Docebo allows Single Sign-On integration with your LMS
Robust API integrations for your learning platform – Docebo


Salesforce integrates with Docebo, giving you and unprecedented view of the effectiveness and the business impact of your learning programs across your extended enterprise. Get the data to make data-driven, informed decisions that improve your bottom line.


We offer a complete and robust API system for our customers to perform any integration related to managing user accounts, courses and training materials, enrolling users, statistics, and much more. And here is the best part: Docebo’s APIs are so powerful and complete that our developers use them to build any new feature into our platform, in conjunction with our microservice architecture.

We continuously strive to add new productized integrations

We continue to expand our portfolio as new software gains adoption among our customer base. Here are a few: GSuite,  Analytics, Google Drive, Optimizely, Shopify, Slack, Vivocha, WordPress, Zendesk