How to Integrate Docebo with the Google Apps Marketplace

Discover how to install Docebo from the Google Apps Marketplace

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December 1st, 2016

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If you currently use Google Apps, you can install the Docebo App, which will allow you to start a new LMS product trial and provide easier access to the platform for your users. To begin, log into your Google Apps Administrator panel, then search for the Docebo App in the Google Marketplace. Then, simply install the app.

If you’re having trouble searching for the Docebo app, you can find it here.

Google Marketplace

Once the installation is activated, you will receive a welcome email that includes all of the details you’ll need to get started.Now, you can access your Docebo LMS through the Google Apps panel. Additionally, you can choose which users you want to be able to access the LMS via Google Apps. Begin by selecting the app settings, as shown in the picture below.

Google Marketplace Docebo LMS

Then, choose if you want to enable Docebo for everyone in your domain or only for users associated with a specific organization. You can also choose to quit the app. If you select the On for Everyone option, you will receive a popup requesting additional confirmation. Select Turn On For Everyone to proceed.

google marketplace Confirm popup

Subsequently, all of the users in your domain will be able to access the Docebo installation by clicking on the App panel. Once the user accesses Docebo for the first time, he will be added to the LMS as a new user, and can directly start his or her learning program.

google marketplace Docebo app