How a CRM+LMS Integration = Excellence in Extended Enterprise

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Integrate your CRM and LMS to streamline training and save valuable L&D time.

The days of standalone extended enterprise management systems are nearing an end. There are nearly 100 HR systems that integrate with the popular CRM Salesforce. On the other hand, there are more than 600 learning management system providers on the market, but only a handful of which integrate with Salesforce. Fewer companies integrate their LMS and CRM because there is very little research on the benefits of coupling the two systems. Extended enterprise organizations have the most to gain from a CRM+LMS integration, as it will streamline the data entry process and improve training tracking.

Advantages of CRM+LMS

A lot of data is created by both your CRM and your LMS, and keeping up with all of the information can be more than overwhelming – it will ultimately eat away at valuable employee time and leave room for human error. With all of the data generated by both systems, a powerful LMS that can handle data and deliver real, detailed learning and performance analytics is key.

With a CRM+LMS integration, you have the ability to train your employees and channel partners to meet your customers’ needs by using Salesforce. Online training gives you the ability to train your users on product knowledge, and with the integration, you can seamlessly access the LMS via the CRM to deliver training at the point of need – particularly microlearning content, or bite-size chunks of learning – without interrupting your learners’ workflow.

By opening up access to the data generated by both systems and placing training closer to the point of need, you can gain a simpler way of measuring the return on your training investment (ROI). This will enable your learning and development team to highlight and make improvements as needed, as well as bring attention to the highly-skilled learners in your organization.

Excellence in Extended Enterprise

Extended enterprise organizations often have a difficult time training channel partners and resellers. This undertraining has the potential to hurt more than your sales, it can be detrimental to your bottom line. A CRM+LMS integration goes beyond training to enable you to track the success of your channel partners and resellers while providing a platform for partners to learn from each other and exchange best practices.

This success can be attributed the more informed your learners are about your product, the better their sales performance will be. CRM+LMS opens unprecedented visibility into the connection between sales results and training performance and completion rates.

Best LMS for CRM Integration

With its latest update, Docebo released a highly-anticipated integration with Salesforce. This integration will help Docebo customers drive sales and fuel business performance by simplifying the training process and offering an even deeper look at extended enterprise training impact. By releasing Docebo Coach and Share, Docebo is the only LMS in the world that supports the experiential and social learning modalities of the 70:20:10 learning model.

Is your L&D department wasting valuable time working independently between your CRM and LMS? Try Docebo free for two weeks and see for yourself how you can unleash the true potential of your CRM by integrating it with Docebo.