Training The Next Generation of Experts in Artificial Intelligence and STEM Skills

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Growing new talent in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

The exponential growth of Docebo in recent years, particularly on an international level with the acquisition of new and valuable customers (more than 6 million users at 1,500 organizations in over 90 countries) has allowed the company to double its workforce since 2017. Fast-paced growth at this level has necessitated a recruitment program that enables the hiring of new resources to bring its vision of Artificial Intelligence-powered learning to life. And Docebo has already hired 50 people so far this year.

The continuous search for new talent is one of Docebo’s primary focuses and we are excited to be launching a new development initiative called Docebo for New Talent.  

Talent is a term that can have many interpretations, including natural inclinations and learned skills. But there is one thing that Docebo has no doubt about: talent needs to be discovered, valued and strategically-developed in order to bring out its full potential.

When it comes to IT-based skill sets, the demand for work does not always reflect the workforce available in a given region. But specific STEM-based skills are necessary for continued growth at a high rate of innovation. This is the case that Docebo finds itself in. Tailor-made training is one of the keys to nurturing talent and enabling people to improve their existing skills.

We sat down recently with Annamaria Scirè, Talent Acquisition Manager at Docebo, to discover more about the Docebo for New Talent initiative.

What is the Docebo for New Talent initiative all about?

Talent is our main asset. Our product development team is based out Biassono, just outside of Milan, Italy. Finding local STEM-skilled talent was a huge priority to help continue fostering and driving our technological growth. That’s why we decided to work with local schools and universities to close the gap between work and academic environments. Docebo is one of the few companies based in Italy developing software, so we decided to share our technological know-how to train the next generation of experts in Artificial Intelligence and STEM skills. We have also partnered with schools and universities for some additional mobile and machine learning lessons.

Why are you launching this new initiative?

The demand for new talent in the technology industry presents plenty of real challenges that require modern and long-sighted solutions. We are constantly looking for talent with skills in technology and IT fields.  

It became clear that we had to work at the root of the problem, starting as early as high school, to increase and raise awareness among young people about choosing the academic path in the STEM area, namely the scientific-technological disciplines.

What kind of events and learning opportunities are you launching with the “Docebo for New Talent” campaign?

We have several events on the agenda to help develop local talent in the Milan area including, complementary machine learning and mobile development lessons, school-work co-op projects and hackathons in Python or React Native. This allows us not only to facilitate the conversation between young people and the world of work but also to offer real-world mentoring opportunities that help young people to approach and learn more about the tech world.

Some of our recent and upcoming events include:

  • Calogero Zarbo (Machine Learning specialist at Docebo) recently delivered a lesson in “Machine Learning” at the Majorana Technical Institute of Cesano Maderno.
  • Docebo offered a program at the Polytechnic of Milan with a lecture by Lucia Pagani (Artificial Intelligence Data Scientist of Docebo) on “Machine Learning applied to the world of eLearning”.
  • On May 24, Docebo will host a meeting with the Polytechnic of Milan featuring a “Mobile Hackathon” with Damiano Colombo, Mobile Product Owner of Business of Docebo.
  • Coming up on June 15, Docebo will be meeting in partnership with SheTech: Python Coding’s Bootcamp for young women. Docebo is committed to promoting and growing STEM skills with women and sees it as a major catalyst for the success of tech across all industries and for Docebo’s growth in particular.

What would be the ideal profile for your candidate for a technical position?

Technological skills, creativity, and curiosity are our pillars in our search for the best and brightest to join our teams. Those who are interested in joining Docebo’s journey to change the way people learn with Artificial Intelligence must recognize and understand our continuous commitment to innovation.

Docebo is particularly sensitive to the inclusion of women in the IT area. What initiatives have been designed to enhance the presence of women in this sector?

We want to celebrate outstanding examples of women’s careers in technology in order to create female role models for schools and universities.

At Docebo, we are constantly looking to grow our female workforce and are always searching for female candidates. We want to help to grow the female tech workforce which is currently only at 25% globally. For this reason, thanks to the help of the academic world and the SheTech movement, we launched a series of activities involving our artificial intelligence data scientists speaking about their career paths and also giving Python and Machine Learning lessons and managing Bootcamps dedicated to women.

Docebo is excited to continue growing the Docebo for New Talent initiative!

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