Benefits of an LMS: Using Collaboration to Improve Productivity

• 2 min read

An LMS isn’t just for learning – here’s how you can increase collaboration and productivity

Learning management systems are hugely beneficial for increasing an organization’s productivity. A state-of-the-art LMS can also be especially helpful for improving collaboration among teams that work remotely.

Let’s take a look at some of the features and functionalities within an LMS that will help you increase collaboration and productivity on your team.

Centralize Training Materials and Information

This is one of the most important benefits of an LMS, especially for teams that need to improve collaboration. This provides individuals with the opportunity to share and access resources easily and at the point of need.

Documents can be categorized and distributed to specific members of a group as well, which makes it easy to allocate specific online resources to the right individuals. As a result, everyone can easily access the information they need, instead of having to inconveniently ask around and/or sort through an unorganized file of documents.

Streamline Project Management

Managing an online project is no easy task, especially when you’re working with a remote team. Fortunately, online productivity tools allow group leaders to effectively communicate and keep their team on task. They can assign roles, monitor group progress, and share important documents that employees need to get the job done.

Managers can also configure the system to send automatic reminders at a predetermined time to help teams stay on track. Team members can also access group to-do lists, and managers are able to add tasks to the list and categorize them by department, category, and priority. They can also follow up with employees to ensure that they finish the necessary tasks on schedule.

Integrate With Other Tools

Integrating apps, tools, and other add-ons that are compatible with your LMS can also help increase collaboration and get more value from your technology stack as a whole. For instance, the Docebo LMS has a number of third-party integrations, including Slack, which can help improve communication surrounding training. It also integrates with Google Drive, which allows for easier collaboration when creating training content.

Don’t let a lack of collaboration impact your team’s productivity. Use your LMS’s collaboration capabilities and your L&D results will almost certainly start to improve.

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