3 Must-Have LMS Integrations for Customer Training

• 2 min read

Ensure your LMS integrates with the tools you need to improve your customer training programs

There are many advantages to using a learning management system for customer training. However, as with most software, the value of the system can be supercharged when the system integrates with other systems upon which your organization relies.

For the function of customer training in particular, you’ll need an extended enterprise LMS that will integrate with the tools you use to manage your customer relationships and ensure their success. Let’s take a closer look at the must-have LMS integrations for customer training.

1. A CRM integration to manage customer data and interactions

A CRM (customer relationship management) tool integration is probably the most important integration for managing customer training. CRM tools such as Salesforce allow organizations to organize, manage, and track customer data and interactions (e.g., calls, emails, etc.).

A seamless CRM integration can help you to synchronize training completion and certification data with customer profiles, manage upsells, and more.

2. An ecommerce integration to manage training sales

Speaking of upsells, in order to open up new streams of revenue and sell your training content to customers, your LMS must be able to support an ecommerce integration with tools such as Shopify and global payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, Adyen, etc.

At a basic level, your ecommerce integration should allow you to sell training content and enable you to build a storefront, manage pricing, process invoices, run promotions, and so on. For a great examples of how a Docebo customer made training available for purchase to their own customers, check out our case study featuring Appian.

3. A web conferencing integration for delivering instructor-led, synchronous training

A web conferencing LMS integration is key for delivering training to customers. Connecting with web conferencing tools (e.g., AdobeConnect, GoToWebinar, Webex, etc.) will allow your customers to communicate and collaborate with peers, instructors, and subject matter experts from around the globe, in real-time.

Integrating these types of tools with your LMS allows training managers to improve the efficiency of your customer training programs by blending in-person sessions, virtual classroom settings, online training and, in the case of Docebo, social and experiential learning.

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