Training Companies: Build a Better LMS Business Case

• 2 min read

Convince your executive team that it’s time to switch your training company’s LMS

A great LMS can help training companies scale by allowing them to effectively manage, deliver, and sell training. And yet, most traditional learning management systems (LMSs) aren’t equipped with the necessary features to allow training companies to grow revenue and continue to provide value to clients.

Why Training Companies Should Consider Switching Their LMS

In particular, training companies’ audiences usually consist of a combination of distributors, resellers, customers, franchises, contractors, and so on. Regardless of audience composition, training companies must be equipped with technology that will allow them to support a learning content storefront, with multiple catalogs for the various audiences they intend to serve. It’s also helpful to enable a subscription model for courses, which will open up a new stream of recurring revenue.

In short, training companies need an all-in-one system that will accommodate all their learning content business initiatives.

Make Your Business Case

Despite all of these advantages, it can be challenging for training professionals to get corporate buy-in for investing in an LMS or switching to a new, state-of-the-art LMS.

In our free business case, Docebo LMS for Training Companies, we aim to equip training professionals with an effective toolkit to ensure LMS advocates are well prepared to approach leadership with the best possible LMS investment justification.

Download our business case for training companies today!