Identify and close employee skill gaps by delivering targeted learning with our skills management platform.

 Empower your organization with the skills they need to succeed in the future

Prepare your employees and improve performance by targeting your learning programs to the current and future needs of your organization with Docebo Perform.

 Integrated with Docebo LMS

When a skill gap is detected, Perform lets you assign courses or suggest informal learning assets to close each of the identified gaps.

Factor in formal and informal learning

We know that formal learning on its own isn’t enough. Close gaps using learning assets that are derived from day-to-day jobs and interactions with the experts.

 Streamlined user experience to get immediate benefits

From system setup to reporting, Perform has been designed with simplicity and user experience in mind- as a result, the time to benefit is measured in days, not months or years.

 Identify and Close Employee Skill Gaps with Docebo Perform

Connecting Learning Assets With Employee’s Skills

Set up and manage your repository of skills and roles

Import and customize our catalogue of 14,000+ skills (organized by occupations) to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Assess Employee Skill Levels

Run evaluations powered by a drag-and-drop interface in our skills management software to identify gaps and inconsistencies in your employees’ skills in minutes.

Get an at-a-glance view of skill gaps

Comprehensive gap analysis reporting provides instant visibility into the overall picture, enabling you to drill down to discover deeper insights and implement targeted learning programs.

Fill gaps with both formal and informal learning interventions

Close identified skill gaps with learning programs that target each employee’s individual skills training requirements using both formal courses and informal learning assets, such as videos or articles.

Experience results, faster

From system setup to evaluations and reporting, Perform has been designed with user experience and simplicity in mind – as a result, the time to benefit is measured in days, not months, not years.