Getting your Docebo Learning Platform Up and Running

We’ll take you through an onboarding designed to meet your unique requirements and achieve your business goals.

Learn to manage users and courses, deliver learning units to your audience, and track and measure results.

Who You’ll Work With

 Customer Success Manager
Their goal is to build a long-term strategy to achieve your learning and development goals, starting with the successful adoption of your learning platform. They will be your point of contact at Docebo.

 Solution Deployment Manager
Their goal is to guide and enable in the setup of your learning platform per your goals and requirements through consultation, guidance, and application of best practices.

 Learning & Support Specialist
Their goal is to educate your team on how to use Docebo and provide continued support to make sure you’re empowered to effectively use your learning platform.

Your Journey to Learning Success

We’ll start by reviewing your unique goals, requirements and primary use cases.

Your Solution Deployment Manager will then develop a custom, session-based plan accordingly.

From there, we’ll start an iterative process based on multiple sessions. Sessions typically include targeted training units, review of critical functionalities and industry best practices. There is always time allocated to answer all your questions so that you feel empowered to take what you’ve learned and apply it successfully to your platform.

Choose Your Onboarding Plan

Enterprise Gold Plan

Our Gold Plan is designed to give your team the knowledge to quickly configure the Docebo Platform to meet your use cases. This plan is great for customers who are new to Docebo and have standard use cases and integrations.

What’s included

  • An assigned Solution Deployment Manager (first 90 days)
  • An assigned Customer Success Manager
  • Administrative training via our Docebo Academy which houses hours of on demand recordings
  • Guidance with the technical setup of Docebo
  • Advice and guidance on integrating your existing systems or applications with Docebo using our out-of-the-box integration apps
  • Guidance on developing, managing and executing rollout to your first learners
  • Access to our learning and support team via our ticketing system

See a Sample Implementation Plan

Enterprise Platinum Plan

Our Platinum Plan is designed for customers with advanced needs and use cases. This program is ideal for customers with longer timelines, phased rollouts to various business units, and for customers who use our Extended Enterprise Multi-Domain functionality.

What’s included

All items in the Gold Plan, plus:

  • Implementation support for an additional 30-day project phase to be used at any point during the first 6 months after contract signature (total implementation support for 120 days)
  • Executive Kick-Off Call
  • Monthly Executive Updates
  • Two hours of additional Administrative Training Sessions
  • Extended Analysis of API Use Cases and Guidance on API Usage

Now that you know what to expect, what are your next steps?

Contact us to learn more about our approach to customer success