How to Organize Your Docebo LMS Users for More Targeted Learning

• 2 min read

Strategically organize your LMS users to provide a better learning experience

There are many scenarios when you might want to organize your users into organizational structure units in order to structure your learners in a way that is similar to your company’s organizational chart.

Organizational chart branches can always be created and edited in your platform, with a nested structure and desired order. In case your LMS has a Multidomain App enabled, you will be able to set specific Branding, Language, Domains and many other settings for any branch of your org chart.

Learn how to create and manage your organizational chart:

Now, when you have your structure in place and your users are organized, it’s time to discuss some of the advanced scenarios you can implement:

  • Creating a Power User that will be able to manage a specific branch (for example, provide department manager with permissions to see reporting, manage enrollments, and similar actions for his/her department)
  • Create an enrollment rule to automatically assign users in a specific branch(es) to a course(s) or learning plan(s)
  • Assign all users from any branch(es) to a specific Learning Plan
  • Create a Course Catalog and set its visibility for the users of a specific branch only
  • Use branches as a filter for the reporting
  • Send a newsletter to the users of a specific branch(es) only
  • Set a notification only for a specific branch(es)
  • Create separate branches for employees, customers and partners, and set different Dashboard Layout for these audiences – achieve even more with Multidomain App

There are other scenarios, and every time we add a user-related feature, it will have similar possibilities.

Sometimes it can be difficult to manage organizational chart manually, so Docebo provides you with a set of APIs, which allow to create/remove org chart nodes, bulk assign users, as well as assign user to specific nodes during their creation.

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