Conquer Compliance Training

Manage and track all certification and retraining activities across your organization

Centralize organizational and regulatory compliance requirements in
one place, manage recurring certification and training programs, and
always be prepared for potential audits.

Simplify compliance training

Develop a scalable approach that automates course tracking and reporting, deliver accessible training in a variety of formats and languages, and increase compliance visibility.

Automate retraining

Docebo automates workflows related to managing and renewing certifications. The system not only certifies your users, but also allows you to retrain employees to renew certifications on time and avoid expiration.

Track compliance-related
administrative actions

Docebo’s Audit Trail report provides written evidence of an entire sequence of activities that have affected specific operations, procedures, or events, and allocates appropriate accountability in case of any incidents pertaining to compliance.

See how Purdue Pharma optimized compliance training with a scalable approach that automates course tracking and reporting using Docebo.

Maintain compliance standards

Docebo gives HR and L&D admins a simple and centralized tool to control continuing regulatory requirements across any location or compliance scenario. It’s easy to access remote workers, giving them the training they need, when they need it, no matter their location or the device they use to complete it (desktop, mobile).

Avoid compliance risk

Make sure employees receive any mandated training (and are retrained when that certification expires) to mitigate risk and avoid any potential regulatory compliance issues. This helps keep more employees doing what they’re supposed to be doing, more consistently, with the knowledge they need to do it safely and effectively.

Manage recurring
training programs

Set expiration dates for certifications to manage renewals. Always be in the know as it relates to the next retraining sessions for all learners that require them. Control continuing education requirements across any location or compliance scenario.

Increase engagement and
completion rates

Compliance training doesn’t have to be boring: leverage the learner experience a learning platform affords you to mix up the content formats in which you deliver compliance training to keep learners engaged and maximize completion rates.

Manage compliance training and retraining with Docebo to mitigate risk and maintain compliance standards.