3 Tips for a Pain-Free LMS Software Implementation

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Execute a successful, pain-free LMS software implementation with planning and preparedness

Anyone who has gone through an enterprise LMS software implementation knows a thing or two. It can take long. Costs can go over budget and right through the roof. And the journey can never really come to an end. Well, some of that is true, but there are a few things we can keep in mind to try and make implementations go as smoothly as possible.

With that in mind, here are a few tips on things you should probably know before you begin your journey towards completion of an effective, satisfactory LMS software implementation.

1. Get under your vendor’s hood

Surely you went through the whole vendor-selection process, and it probably went deep. But just as the smart buyer knows what’s under the hood of the car he or she is about to buy, as you begin the journey towards a full system rollout, be aware of all of the tools and moving parts your vendor is dealing with to achieve a smooth transition.

Between implementation plans, training strategies, data migration approaches, and support services, make a definitive list of the LMS software implementation criteria you will need to determine how to use these tools accordingly.

2. Stop scope from being such a creep

You might have experienced it first hand before, or this could be your first exposure to it, but know this: scope is a creep, and it can creep up, as creeps do. It’s no different with an LMS software implementation.

However, overcoming it is as simple as identifying key requirements for the use cases you have prioritized and focusing only on those needs for the first phase of the deployment. You can always roll out ‘nice-to-have’ features later on, when the core of the system is fully rolled out and operational, so focus on getting the essentials up and running for now.

3. LMS Software Implementation is a long and winding road

As we know in learning and development, the journey is never “complete”. Once you’ve bought into that essential philosophy of continual improvement, you already know there is no endgame in life, or in any pursuit, for that matter. And for the better, since continual improvement drives us towards that elusive goal of excellence beyond excellence.

Your LMS implementation is going to be a great opportunity to explore new features to keep engage users, make them have fun with learning, and keep them coming back for more. Try different learning initiatives across teams and organizations, including competitions, gamification elements, and social learning.

I’ve written more on this at eLearning Industry, and you can see it all here.

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