Company Profile

Investors, Business Units and Key Facts


In the E-learning market since 2005, Docebo Learning Management System has been selected and used by more than 28.000 organizations worldwide. Docebo is an E-Learning Software “As a service”, enabling organizations of all sizes to plan, deliver and certify online and classroom training activities. The main products (Docebo SaaS and Docebo Premium) are designed for both SMBs (Small and Medium businesses), Enterprise and Non-Corporate customers (K12, Online Universities, Government agencies, Non-Profit organizations). Docebo raised about $3 Million in Venture Capital during 2012.

The main investors are

  • Claudio Erba (also CEO and Founder)
  • Seeweb (Business Angel and ISP)
  • Principia SGR (Venture Capital, Round A)
  • Others

ISO 9001 & 27001

Key Facts

  • We are privately funded and financially viable in order to strategize, plan and act medium and long-term
  • We have been in business since 2005, and rapidly growing each year since then
  • We have developed our platform in-house: we retain the core competencies, and our key people are our foundation
  • Our growth has been organic and we constantly keep on growing, both in terms of personnel and products
  • Our customer global reach is extensive: we are set-up to support our clients globally from a technological standpoint
  • We have a multi-cultural background, that facilitates communication, understanding and interaction

Key Business Units

  • Product and Software development
  • Customer support
  • Professional Services (Training and Documentation, Consulting and Project Management)
  • Digital Multimedia Production (Instructional Design, Content Design and Development)
  • Global Marketing, and Business
  • Operations